I am happy toreport that I am getting over this ‘List Addiction’

And all those silly little tasks you put on your list that are easy todo, and that don’t move you directly towards our goal – down to the bottom ofthe list they go.

Read on to findthe BEST hint about this I have ever heard about how to tackle Procrastination

Procrastination Iam really well qualified to write on this topic, because I have been known tonot only have a list of things to do, but in that same list I have even written– ‘read this list’.

So the BEST hint for Procrastinators?

We are nearly all aware these days of the importance of goal setting.

So you probably have goals, I hope you do; and have even written themdown. We know that goal setting and being very focused about our dream iscrucial.

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2. Create a Who’s Coming page so that others can check and see who is planning to attend the reunion. We strongly advise that you wait until there is a critical mass of tickets sold (60 or more, for example), before you post this information. The reason is that people are less likely to buy tickets if they know that only a few have been sold to date.

Ah procrastination, something I constantly struggle with

1. Post Guess Who photos where alumni have to browse the site to locate the answers. This can be a classmate, teacher, or administrator. You can also have a Guess What version by posting pictures of a building, a classroom, or an event like the prom or legendary sports match that took place....You are limited only by your imagination!

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That’s it, that’s all. Don’t put it on the list to look at overand over again. Just get it out of the way now – and out of your head so thatit doesn’t take up valuable space.

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It means doing the important things and NOT the ‘urgent things’. Itmeans not jumping to fill in a survey that was sent to you, or fixing upsomething for the person who shouts the loudest. It means not putting offsomething that seems a bit uncomfortable – justget on with it.

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Surely you have read about the Harvard study of a class of young men, ageneration ago now. Some of whom wrote very clear goals, and some of themdidn’t. I don’t think I need to spell out the outcome 40 years later .