What if my teenager seems tired all the time?

Is your child complaining about a bedtime that’s earlier than their friends’ bedtimes, and saying that everyone else gets to stay up later? Let them know that every child is different and that this is their bedtime. Tell your kid that you’re keeping their bedtime at the right time for them because it’s healthy. They’ll feel better during the day if they sleep well at night.

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McLanahan of Princeton
University tracked a sample of 6,000 males aged 14-22 from 1979-93.
They found that those boys whose fathers were absent from the
household had double the odds of being incarcerated - even when other
factors such as race, income, parent education and urban residence
were held constant.

Cynthia Harper of theUniversity of Pennsylvania and Sara S.

70 percent of those describable as 'violent' came from female-headedhomes.

Maggie Gallagher, president of the Institute forMarriage and Public Policy
says, "Results like these are a reality check for people such as PeggyDrexler ("Raising Boys Without Men") who argue that it is onlypoverty, and not father absence, that hurts children.

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If you do feel like the toll of working is creating mental health issues that you can’t resolve, seek the advice of a professional counselor or therapist. Anxiety and depression are often side effects of a crazy life, where you feel stripped of any time to yourself. A professional will be able to help you identify stressors in your life and teach you methods of coping with them so that your mental health is restored, along with your ability to balance work with your personal life.

London, "Premarital Sex and the Risk ofDivorce," (1991): 845-855.Cf.

If your child wakes, how quickly and easily they fall back asleep will depend in part on what their sleep onset association is, so read on….

Improves mood, memory, and focus.

Joung ., "Health Behaviors Explain Part of the Differencein Self-Reported Health Associated with Partner/Marital States in the Netherlands," 49 (1995): 482-488

Peggy A.

Improves mood, memory, and focus.

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"In a 1987 study at the University of Toronto, sociologists noted particularlyhigh rates of delinquency among female teens in two kind of households:1) single-parent households; 2)households in which the mother is employedin a career or management position.
Ibid., p.3.

Promotes vibrant skin and hair and helps keep eyes healthy

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"Who are the women in prison?......More than half are single mothersliving on welfare."
Phyllis Chesler, Mother on Trial: Battle for Children and Custody (New York:McGraw-Hill, 1986), p.