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It just brings back the point that so much of the stability, survival and financing of the church and its members rested on the shoulders of women. This is such a powerful part of church history, such a powerful part of visiting teaching.

“I guess we were too preoccupied with the serious problems in the church.”

I love that you use the word ministry to describe Visiting Teaching. I didn’t really understand that until I was pondering Sheri Dew’s recent talk at TOFW about how LDS women serve in capacities that requires ordination in other traditions. I used to want to be a minister of another church before I joined the LDS church, and I felt a degree of loss thinking that I would not have the same degree of influence as I would have as an ordained reverend. The lay church however is inspired and I love that in this sense, every member of the church acts as a minister to other church members. And I saved a whole lot in school loans. (kidding!) I feel like I missed out on the training still and I hope that the church will give higher quality training to home and visiting teachers so that our “ministry” can be more skilled and appropriate for those we serve and counsel.

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Besides, the people of this church have more faults than an earthquake zone!

And if you still don’t think the church is doing you any good, then get down to the altar and pray until it does, or get out of there and find one that will!

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They :they are not ordained of God but make themselves ministers. They dress withreligious garments and many have white dog collars which identify them aswolves or wild dogs. If Satan can transform himself into an angel of light, weshould not be surprised that an unsaved man may become a minister and appear tobe pious and holy and stand in the pulpit and preach with a wicked deceitfulheart. Satan knows he can do more harm on the inside of the church than he canon the outside. The enemy knows he can accomplish more by infiltrating fromwithin than from without; sabotage rather than direct attack. They areimposters. And there are many more of Satan’s ministers today than God’sministers because apostasy abounds in these end times.

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In recent years, most Lutheran bodies have made efforts to mend the breach with the Roman Catholic Church.

In 1530, the German lords were requested by the Pope to give an accounting of their beliefs (as well as reconfirm their fidelity to the Holy Roman Empire), and they gave their reply in the .

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Despite the steady stream of critics, the Catholic Church refused to admit error or make any substantial changes.

As with the other Reformers, who were all born, baptized, confirmed and educated in the Roman Catholic Church, Luther had no intention of starting a new church, but only wanted to correct what he saw as violations of clear biblical teaching.

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The ELCA was formed in 1988 by a merger of the American Lutheran Church, the Association of Evangelical Lutheran Churches, and the Lutheran Church in America.