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The Rotumans maintain a double standard with regard to pre-marital sex, encouraging the boys within their integrity circle to pursue sexual gratification, while discouraging the girls. Restrictions upon unmarried girls apparently date back to pre-contact times, as is revealed by descriptions of virginity tests at marriage (cf. Lesson 1839:435). These restrictions were reinforced by the missionaries who, for obvious reasons, took a grim view of fornication. The aboriginal controls were social as opposed to moral, however, and the teachings of the missionaries have not seriously modified this emphasis. The rationale behind restraint in the pre-contact period was that virgins were more desirable as wives, since their husbands would not have to face the embarrassment of meeting other men who had taken sexual liberty with their spouses. Such restraint, by increasing a girl's desirability, also enhanced her chances of making a suitable match, to the benefit of her (then constituting a kinship community), in some cases yielding social, economic and even political benefits.

The only possible reference to premarital sex being a sin in the Bible is in the New Testament.

In one sense, there's no such thing as premarital sex. There is only non-marital sex and marital sex. When couples skip some of the steps, it's the job of the church to make sure the others occur, or to call non-marital sex the sacrilege ...

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In NC it was illegal for a woman to own property. Once a woman married…all her assets became the property of her husband. In the early 80’s , ” Kirchner(V) Feenstra” while Regan was President., we got protection under the Constitution to own property. Up till then men could marry widows, acquire all their property, and divorce them with their gain. Even raping their step children seemed never to be prosecuted. I guess because the woman had no financial assets to protect her family.

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The desire of teenagers of both sexes for “a good marriage and family life” has remained high over the past few decades. Boys are almost ten percentage points less desirous than girls, however, and they are also a little more pessimistic about the possibility of a long-term marriage. Both boys and girls have become more accepting of lifestyles that are alternatives to marriage, including unwed childbearing and premarital cohabitation.

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If our interpretation of the ethnographic data has been accurate, another motivating factor in the same direction is economic deprivation. Since love affairs generally bring material rewards, girls who are otherwise deprived may be regarded as motivated to establish a heterosexual alliance as a source of economic relief. Determining the degree of deprivation a girl endures presents some difficulties, but our evidence suggests it is related to household configuration. Any child is most likely to be indulged by lineal ascendants, or by persons who have requested an adoption; step-parents or other relatives forced of necessity to adopt a child are likely to be less indulgent. More specifically, since economic resources are controlled by men, co-residence with indulgent male figures is the most important consideration. Thus we are led to conclude that girls co-residing with their father or a willing foster-father are most likely to be economically secure, while those co-residing with other relatives, or non-relatives, are most likely to be deprived. Correspondingly, we assume the latter to be more motivated to violate pre-marital sex norms.

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A factor which would also appear to be motivating toward pre-marital sex, and which can be used to differentiate subjects, is age. The assumption is that the longer I girl remains unmarried, the greater will be her tendency to engage in pre-marital affairs. This, we reason, is related to an increasing need to have parental love replaced by heterosexual love. Also, as a girl's chances of marriage diminish, she has less to lose by using sex as a device for "trapping" a husband. Furthermore, age is related to controls in that the longer a girl remains un married the more opportunity she has for getting involved.