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All levels of the School will continue to be rolled out annually while there is continuing demand for them. A team of National Prayer leaders within the Australian Prayer Network who have wide national and international experience, have been drawn together to assist in meeting current and anticipated future demand for the School. Pastors and prayers alike have attended, with stories emerging at almost every Course of people travelling hundreds of kilometres to attend. Responses to the teaching and impartation at the School have been as revealing as they have been exciting. A number of Pastors have asked the question, "where has this teaching been for the past 20 years" to "I want to ensure that every person in my congregation gets to hear this teaching". Another stated, "this is not just about prayer, it is about real life". Experienced Intercessors have also been exuberant in their comments with some coming back a second and third time to more fully absorb all the teaching being offered. One man who had struggled with prayer all his life said to his wife upon returning home, "I get it, I get it, I now understand what prayer is and how it works".

In a recent Gallup poll , 61% of Americans support daily prayer in school

The WSOI is being made available to Churches, Christian ministries and established prayer groups and networks across Australia. Although there are three levels to the School, there is no obligation on anyone attending the initial Foundation Level, to proceed any further in the School, should they not desire to. Those attending the Foundation level course have stated they consider it a paradigm changer in its own right. People may also pull out after the Intermediate Level if they do not wish to go on to the Advanced Level.


02/12/2008 · Muslim prayer rooms should be opened in every Roman Catholic school, church leaders have said.

The School consists of 3 levels. Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced. Each is a self-contained module, with each module building on the other and participants in the School must attend all sessions of each level in order to progress through the School to completion. The APN has stated, there is "no skipping of levels allowed, irrespective of previous experience". The Foundation Level is hosted and run locally. The Intermediate and Advanced Levels, are however 'live-in' (no exceptions), and held at State and National level respectively. There is no registration fee to participate in the Watchmen School of Intercession although faith offerings are taken at each school to assist in covering costs.