Pluto's rotational axis is tipped122 degrees.

The walls have what is likened to a marble finish, which are made of a metal substance, impenetrable; the surface of the walls cannot be penetrated even by a diamond drill nor will a laser penetrate the surface.

This mission will provide an increased amount of information aboutthis peculiar dwarf planet.

One day as I was lazily looking over the sloop's side into the clear waters, my Father shouted "Breakers ahead!" Looking up, I saw through a lifting mist a white object that towered several hundred feet high, completely shutting off our advance.

Pluto's equator is now theview seen from .

As Pluto approaches it reaches its maximum distance fromthe  due to its 17-degree inclination.

I am a Norwegian, although I was born in the little seafaring Russian town of Uleaborg, on the Eastern coast of the Gulf of Bothnia, the Northern arm of the Baltic Sea.

Pluto's icy surface is 98% nitrogen (N2).

The People of the Interior

The people of the interior were very free with showing me around, very articulate in showing you what is exactly going on - they do not hold anything back.

Methane (CH4) andtraces of carbon monoxide (CO) are also present.

Going into Area 51 is like going into another world, where they are terribly afraid that other countries and other parties are going to get "this" information.

The solidmethane indicates that Pluto is colder than 70 Kelvin.

This fear process is generated by the private companies who seek to control and advance their own needs and personal agendas through Area 51.

I left the Air Force due to their domineering ways by those who sought to act like control freaks, who were stagnating my ability to think and act in a creative manner.

It has since been reclassifiedas a Dwarf Planet along with and.

Seeking Entry

In order to locate an entrance to the Inner Earth, where ever you are underground, all that you need is your compass.

Pluto's was aserendipitous discovery.

Because of my outgoing desire to share information and inform the public at large my Service Pension and all my benefits and rights such as the use of the Commissary, dental and medical, were taken away.

The Ralph data were obtained by New Horizons on July 12, 2015.

God bless you and be with you, Colonel Bill Faye Woodard
The Realm of Aghartha as described by the Members of the Galactic Federation Council of Sirius – 7 February 2006 As we move inexorably toward the revelation that is “First Contact”, we intend to turn our attention briefly toward your inner neighbors.