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This was due in part to the fact that most Northern Renaissance artists began using oil paint in the early 15th century, in preference to or which (due to climatic and other reasons) were still the preferred painting methods in Italy.

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It was given this name (French for 'rebirth') as a result of - a famous volume of history written by the historian (1798-1874) in 1855 - and was better understood after the publication in 1860 of the landmark book "The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy" (), by (1818-97), Professor of Art History at the University of Basel.

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These, it may be said, were characteristics also of Renaissance painting, but a vital difference appeared early in the fifteenth century.

The idea of the Renaissance here takes on its broadest possible meaning, alluding to a cultural rebirth possible for Victorian readers as much as Italian painters. In a Victorian world defined by strict etiquette and severe conventionality, we can understand why Pater’s recommendation of “ecstasy” as the best life path invited immediate controversy.

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However, in keeping with its aim of producing thoughtful, classical art, the Italian Renaissance raised the professions of painting and sculpture to a new level.