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AB - The present study examines the effects of language intensity on presidential candidates' credibility. We manipulated language intensity levels and experience levels for hypothetical candidates for president of the United States. Manipulation checks confirmed the effectiveness of the experimental conditions. The dimensions of source credibility, character, and authoritativeness were confirmed using confirmatory factor analysis. Analysis of variance indicated that candidates using low-intensity language received higher scores on character than did candidates using high-intensity language. Experienced candidates received higher scores on authoritativeness than did inexperienced candidates. Implications for political marketing of candidates are discussed.

T1 - How Language Can Influence Political Marketing Strategy and a Candidate's Image

Political Marketing + Media, LLC is the exclusive nationwide representative of the FOX Sports Media Group. Our expansive assets include FOX’s National TV Networks, all US/Hispanic Regional Sports Networks and local market outlets via broadcast, cable and satellite distribution. Additionally, digital and in venue (stadium/arena) platform extensions are available and sold through MEDIA TO ENGAGE, a division of Political Marketing + Media, LLC.

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Margaret Scammell is the author of Consumer Democracy: The Marketing of Politics...

In fact, I do know of at least one person who enjoys politics. Joe Raspars, of Blue State Digital, ran online marketing for the two Obama presidential campaigns and has since been involved with a highly productive networking campaign for Green Bay Packer fans. The welcome page of his company’s website trumpets successes in getting people to become involved, take action and connect with each other. “Show real-world impacts through beautiful design,” it concludes. “Above all, make it fun.”

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Steve Ullman is the Managing Partner at Political Marketing + Media, LLC, a company that he founded in 2014. Prior, Steve was Regional Vice President at Home Team Sports, a division of the FOX Sports Media Group in New York, where he created and lead both the Political Sales and New Business Development teams in 2007 and 2011 respectively. Prior to FOX, he had increasingly responsible sales management positions at Blair TV, New World Sales & Marketing, Paxson Communications and Tribune Broadcasting. Steve is an especially active member of The American Association of Political Consultants and he is a frequent category expert speaker to the trade. Steve is a graduate of The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. with a degree in Economics and way too much exposure to Statistics work.