For the past seven years, K9 Titan along with handler Sgt. Dane Kanable have been responsible for this task and have made many important contributions to the success that law enforcement has had. The Sheriff’s Department along with Sgt. Kanable, want to ensure that K9 Titan receives a proper retirement. This has sparked the transition to a new K9 and new handler Deputy Czys. The Sheriff’s Department will retire K9 Titan at some point in 2016 in order to reward him for his years of service to this community.

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It is the mission of the Bristol Police Department to provide services with integrity and dedication, to preserve life, to enforce the law, and to work in partnership with the Newfound Lake Community to enhance the quality of life in the Town of Bristol.

The police department is staffed by:

Each branch consists of motivated police officers who support and are generally concerned for the entire community and its well being.

Please click to access the Carlisle Police Department’s Crimewatch website, which includes recent press releases and current wanted persons. This webpage is best displayed using Google Chrome.

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The LSC Police Department provides a full range of community services, including safety escorts after dark, motorist assists and community education events. If you have any questions or concerns, please approach any of our uniformed police officers or security guards that you see patrolling our campuses on foot, on bicycles, in golf carts, or in marked police cars. They will be happy to talk with you, and will either provide you the information you need, or will find someone who can help you.

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We are limited in our ability to impact the first two elements. However, removing or reducing the criminal’s Opportunity is the good defense. Like a fire feeding on oxygen, crime feeds on opportunity. Prevention efforts can be effective in reducing these opportunities. You play an essential role in crime prevention. Be cautious, careful, and alert to your own safety. Protect your possessions and college property. Keep property locked up if possible. Lock your office door when leaving and do not leave valuables unattended. Walk to your vehicle with another person or in a group. Use common sense and always stay alert. Trust your self-preservation instincts. And always remember to call the police to report suspicious persons or activity as soon as it is safe for you to do so.

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This system is designed to be an easy and convenient way for you to report certain non-emergency offenses to the Police Department. It provides an efficient and effective method for those offenses to be properly reported, while allowing police officers to remain available for emergency calls for service or other duties. Please see the Citizens Online Reporting webpage for more information.

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I am pleased to welcome you to the Lone Star College Police website. We believe this site adds value to the enhanced communication, and sharing critical to the safety and security of the students, faculty, staff and guests of our institution. Policing is as much about education as it is enforcement. To this end, we are dedicated to working closely with our community as a clear statement of learning and growth. I encourage you to open the lines of communication and share with us your thoughts and insights regarding campus safety, crime prevention, and law enforcement.