Ferocity and frenzy are what Polar Claw possesses in abundance

lol Arctodus your an idiot tigers in russa have been known to kill brown bears since ever an have been stated they are a little of siberian tigers diets,lion was pitted with a bull an bear in mexico for a small coloseum fightshow the lion was said tearing the bears face into ground beef with his gameness of like a pitbull vs your average guard dog an shortly knocked him self out by running into a corner of a cage still the bear patruding blood didnt finish him off weeks of healing the fighting bull pitted against the grizzley savgely with his sharp horns an barbaric temper he bashed the bear into the coloseum wall an flyed him around like a rag doll dispite he was 900 pounds no bear can crush a tiger or lions head even if they stood still an with a polar bears technique of cushing ice walls still cant crush there skulls idiot

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Studies of bear DNA shows that polar bears and brown bears have also interbred before, says Lorenzen, who has . She discovered that polar bears and brown bears first diverged as a species between 479,000 and 343,000 years ago.

Who would win in a fight: lion, tiger, or bear? - Blake Snow

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I think that the polar bear is a lot bigger than any other bear or tiger and that still the grizzlie bear is undefeateble since you can see a asian bear that is smaller tie with a lion in a fight at the chinese zoo; if you fight a huge grizzlie bear with a tiger the size in this time will matter a lot and the strenght of the bear has no comparison; a crocodile has a huge problem when fighting a tiger because they have a big problem turning around but grizlie bears are huge, they stand tall, and they posses the heaviest paws and strenght an animal can posses when sharpened on trees, plus the polar bear is a lot heavier and bigger than the grizlie bear THE GREATEST FIGHTING MACHINE IS THE BEAR

I'm going to share some of the most fantastic grizzly bear facts for kids

Arctodus what are you talking about the skull it takes less than 500 psi to break any skull on earth the human skull only 15 psi so basacilly your saying a bear can break a elephants skull because of passing 500 psi it dosent work that way when animals colide say like caribu an rams rinhos ect they genarate way beyound a aligators bite 2500 psi but there heads dont blow up when shock travels threw there horns or such of plates above the skull because of muscle,fat an other factors ive seen polar bears cuddle an sit on there cubs why dont they break every bone? because there are adjusments in muscle tention even when all mass is on it just like how you can lift a alive man with ease but a dead man with dead weight feels 3x heveiar so maybe you should educate your self more on the matter an stop bringing up a one shot theory that is astrinomical an never heard of even in real live clashes with small hunting dogs subduing giant bears or 1000s of bear baiting never had an occurance where 5 dogs vs a toothless clawless bear bait result in smashing a dogs skull just mere breaking ribs an legs even bashing them into convulsions dident show breaking of the skull itself an like all bias idiots out there who are either refusing to find vice versa info an just want to belive theres is undeafeted when they already lost in the wild an pitted lol back in the day when before animal activist band cruel animal fights,pits an baitings even alot of video circulation on tape an internet were wiped from exisitince i remember tons of back in the day seeing of a farmer recording his sons cutting the feet off a bison calf then letting a huge 1200 pound grizzley have him a few seconds running to the other side an letting the 2 parents out the male bison heard the bellow of the calf with full speed smashed the grizzley on the outerrior of the rodeo wall breaking his back instantly you could tell because seconds after the full lunge an ram the bear never moved an inch from first hitting the ground after stomping his head for 2 to 3 minutes not even in cunvulsing just laying life less

You’d think a guy whose nickname is “polar bear” would be happiest with one of the NFL’s northernmost teams

His older brother, former NFL cornerback Curtis Marsh Jr., explained further: “He’s part black, but no one really could tell just by looking at his face. So the analogy is that polar bears, if you shave off their white fur, they’re brown bears. Their skin is brown just like the other bears. So my dad would always tell Cassius that he’s like a polar bear – black on the inside, white on the outside.”

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The major difference between polar bears and tigers is agility. Although bears are big, they can’t move around fast enough than any cats, big or small.
I watched a TV series by Animal planet, probably Planet Earth episodes, in one of them, a polar bear tries to catch a walrus, which perches with hundreds of other walruses. A walrus weighs over 1 ton, much heavier than a bear, plus it has powerful weapons which are its long tusks, a little bit like those of elephants. But it is a marine mammal, and its movement on land is very clumsy, so the polar bear has an advantage over it, and the bear attacks from behind, avoiding the sharp tusks. But the bears canine teeth are not long nor powerful enough to penetrate the thick hide of the walrus, which drags the bear into the water. Although polar bears are fairly good swimmers, they can’t compare with true marine mammals like walrus or seals once under water, in terms of agility. Then the attacker gets attacked, the walrus stabs the bear in the pelvis area. The bear gets out of the water unable to walk. It lies down in the center of the walruses, and according to the narrator of the TV series, it will not survive.
You can see in the case above, the determining factor is not always the sizes of the animals, but agility.
There is no comparison of the agility between big cats and bears. Especially tigers, which even has an advantage over lions. Although the biggest among all cats, their agility has not reduced a bit compared with smaller cats such as leopards, excluding tree climbing. It actually climbs pretty fast but due to its weight, it would not be able to find tree branches to support itself from breaking.
The bears can hardly land a hit on cats. Bears pouncing is mostly towards steady objects such as ice surface. I have not seen many big bear vs. tiger fight. I have seen only one lioness vs. a black bear, and the lioness uses her front claws, and the bear can’t do anything other than retreating. Tigers use their front claws to inflict damages to their opponents even better, and even lions/lionesses can’t fend off such fast attacks from tigers, or even this kind of attack from leopards. I have seen a grizzly vs. mother cougar confrontation, and the cougar attacks from the side of the bear. It intimidates the cat but not able to touch it at all.
And tigers kill much bigger animals than any bears, such as gaurs in India, weighing about 1500kilos, polar bears weigh less than 1000kilos, 40% of which is fat. In appearance, gaurs may gore tigers to death, but this hardly happens.
That is why among all carnivores, tigers rank No. 1, according to a ranking provided by Animal Plant. Actually they rank No. 2 after humans with weapons.
As of lions vs. bears, I am not sure. Lions’ attacking style is quite straightforward, not as shrewd as tigers, they may have difficulty against big bears.