Horizontal oppression, on the other hand, ..

The history of the world, also understood as a history of oppression, is simply a series of events that have happened because of the exploitation of people.

There was much racism and oppression during that time, especially for black women.

I think that is something that should make all those who see in human liberty a holy thing and who do not hate the despot, but despotism, reflect deeply. For me, when I feel the hand of power pressing on my head, knowing who is oppressing me matters little to me [and I (ed.)] do not feel more inclined to (illegible word) [put (ed.)] my head in the yoke because a million hands present it to me.

Religious apocalyptic is meant for the oppressed and the downtrodden

Oppressed classes found that they had more to fear than active members of society.

If, in place of all the diverse powers that hindered or slowed beyond measure the rapid development of individual reason, democratic peoples substituted the absolute power of a majority, the evil would only have changed character. Men would not have found the means to live independently; they would only have discovered, a difficult thing, a new face of servitude. I cannot say it enough: for those who see liberty of the mind as a holy thing, and who hate not only the despot but also despotism, there is in that something to make them reflect deeply. For me, when I feel the hand of power pressing on my head, knowing who is oppressing me matters little to me, and I am no more inclined to put my head in the yoke, because a million arms present it to me.

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In Marxism and the National Question, Stalin asserted what would be the cornerstone of the Bolsheviks’ future nationality policies to wit the recognition of oppressed nations and the extinction of the oppressing nation’s imperialism....

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Mallard's husband's death and her liberation, which indicates her oppression in her marriage.

Discussing imagery in relation to these other ideas helps to answer the "so what?" question of your argument and analysis.

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This image portrayed Jesus as a white man who preformed miracles for the poor and oppressed, and also sacrificed himself on the cross for all of humanity’s’ sins....

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The Americans are a very ancient and very enlightened people, who encountered a new and immense country in which they can expand at will, and that they make fruitful without difficulty. That is without example in the world. So in America, each man finds opportunities unknown elsewhere to make or to increase his fortune. Greed is always in good condition there, and the human mind, distracted at every moment from the pleasures of the imagination and the works of intelligence, is drawn only into the pursuit of wealth. Not only do you see in the United States, as in all other countries, industrial and commercial classes; but, what has never been seen, all men there are busy at the same time with industry and with commerce.

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The idea that Blake believed that children were oppressed is an interesting one, because, there are a number of poems which suggest different ideas about this topic....