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The writers had similarities and differences in their writing skills and styles that were evident in their pieces. These pieces are classified as American Romanticism, as they belong around the period of Wordsworth’s poems. The authors, namely Poe, Hawthorne, Melville, Emerson, and Thoreau, produced their works on similar themes of religion and culture. For instance, Romantism stressed self-knowledge and creativity, and the Romantic movement aligned itself alignment against the obligation of power by exclusive classes (Gunderson 74). The unique circumstances of the western border included the communal challenges of anti-slavery and women’s rights crusade, which generated situations that derailed expectations and approaches of the society. The authors also validated strong feeling as a reliable source of artistic experience, placing new weight on such emotions as anxiety, shock, horror and awe. These were evident when provoking the reader to a sense of sublimity of nature and its scenic qualities. Both of these were relatively new visual categories presented by Romantic writers as resources for aesthetic appreciation and spiritual uplift (Jordan 230). Another quite diverse influence to the romantic movement was the sensibility associated with Gothic passion. The authors attempted to use the ideals of balance and rationalism, which made their readers seek out the agitated, spiritual, fanatical escapades of frightened protagonists and heroines under the control of scary, secretive forces. Even though most Romantic works revolve around fear or rage, he motive strength behind these passions is most commonly an association between lovers. This is because, in the classical world, love had always been equal to sex. The Romans, however, treated it in a sceptical manner. The feudal musicians had distinguished courteous infidelity according to the mostly false code that little replicated the lives of real men and women while supporting physicians’ premise that idealistic passion was a fatal infection (Jordan 230). This implies that troubadour idea of courtly love share some elements with Romantive view of love, but some still differed between the two perspectives.
However, the authors also expressed distinctions in their works such romantive movement’s perspective against troubadour ideas because of the different cultures. They also used different roles for their characters. For instance, somes writers such as Emerson expressed the subject of self-empowerment as one of his most significant articles, in which he stimulated his audience to discard the burdens to social traditionalism and believe in themselves. Emerson was instrumental in recognizing that confidence would help people accomplish their plans. This encouraged the concept of individualism in the era instead of collectivism (Gunderson 117). It is also evident that the authors represented different cultures that faced diverse problems. For instance, Thoreau’s works were appreciations of the productivity of existence in nature. Additionally, his works reviewed the hurried hassled waste of life triggered by the hunt for redundant material, properties, and indulgences. There were different perspectives from Hawthorne and Melville, who mainly focussed on general issues of the people like traditional values about the dead in the community. Another example by Thoreau was about acquiring wealth through individual efforts (Jordan 235). For example, Thoreau exhibited how the universe opened to people at Walden as they became more distanced from civilization and its burdens. The plan for the experiment was not only as an effort of personal civilization, but also a cautionary appeal to audiences. The intention was to guide those audiences who wanted to appreciate that a new liberty was accessible to them if they would identify the impairments of conformist patterns (Gunderson 123).

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Reaching this at the end only suggests that the work itself will enable the writer to know how the space will look and how he should dress his character. “A close circumscription of space is absolutely necessary to the effect of insulated incident.”

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