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cancer...a disease that can tear family’s apart
or bring them close together for one sorrow day
a day that is terrible and makes tears fall
these days shouldn’t happen, happen at all
for that loved one has gone
but not gone forever
but still in your heart
and they shall never part
they know that you love them they always will
if you love someone
remind them now and then
for you never know when there day could end
cancer is a mystery
never to be sold
as it has killed family's new ones and old
babies, mothers, fathers, grandparents too
all innocent people who didn’t deserve it
for when you hear the news
the news that isn’t good
you turn to you family as one would
tell them that you love then no matter what ................... inmemory of Ken Ramage my Granddad who had many people that truly cared about himforever

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Please go my friend, please go, no fear
Its getting close now friend, Your trip is ever near
Take with you that father, the one I love
For i need him not here but to look from above

its not one man that's going, not a one man band
But so many men, to fill that stand
I think your all ready, Im pretty sure
Please go my friend, have no fear, no more

So take him too, my pillar of stone
And with him that heart, that lions very own
he can carry the rock, unbreakable to all
because that rock, that heart, are one ever more

Don't forget my safety, yes he goes too
He came with strength, every day with you
Don't forget the morals, for all that I've got
Because you brought him too, never forgot

You'll have to take leader, he shows the way
Drag along builder, hell start straight away
What about fighter, please all help him pass
For he is tired now, he's showed his class

Fighter needs feeling, so sensitive is next
So proud sometimes, so easily upset
What about the boss, he'll be at the front
Because he was here too, through those long cold months

That's a lot of men, so far I can think
I cant count anymore, my hearts starting to sink
I hope your not wondering how on earth they will all fit
Because father will be there, dad will give them a lift

Ill have to make it more clear what I just said,
Its my father ill miss, and what lies ahead
Because all of them men, did inside he show
Because all of them men, he encouraged me to grow

All those men I called, and all answered me
But inside is my answer, you made it, you see
So Strong were the fibres of your fathers web
They cant break our ropes, or our heart instead

So start your trip, its safe to go
Across those broad shoulders, let that weight go
I will pick you up and help you get past
Because what you have taught me will forever last

And I promise you father, to you my friend
That for all those good lessons its not the end
For deep in my soul, you'll live ever long
And mine in yours too, well sing the same song

Please go my friend, please go, no fear
I wont fight, wont shout, just shed my tear
Just glance back once, you'll see that Im there
Pass me a smile and wave, im safe because you were here ........................... Mark Kellett - Birmingham

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I had a dream that one day there will be a cure.
For everyone diagnosed with cancer will soon be reassured.
That this deadly disease will soon disappear.
As it's sadly killed so many which as been unfair.
But she sits down and weeps.
As she cant eat or sleep.
Praying for her father I am trying to look after her.
She is thinking of them memories and happy times to remember.
We are talking about her birthday party she's planning in December.
I'm am so proud to call her one of my best friends.
She has been so brave through this rough time.
But were looking forward not trying to rewind
But my dream has ended And happily he is mended.
All the prayers and wishes has finally been answered.
Finally my dream ends with all these inspirational dancers. ...by Richard Bobb-Semple