Two of the students who went write: ‘I had a lovely pilgrimage. It was everything I hoped it would be. We joined different kinds of services that were all equally moving. We visited beautiful Canterbury and saw its gorgeous cathedral and all its cute little houses. But the best part was definitely the interesting conversations I had with all my fellow pilgrims. As always at M&M´s there has been a safe place to discuss our questions and beliefs about our beliefs. I can honestly say that I learned more than I usually do in a day filled with lectures. a big thanks to all my fellow pilgrims for making it such a lovely experience’. (Sofie Gerits, Belgium)

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Often this term is used interchangeably with both the literary technique and the larger story itself that contains the smaller ones, which are called , "framed narratives" or "embedded narratives." The most famous example is 's , in which the overarching frame narrative is the story of a band of pilgrims traveling to the shrine of Thomas a Becket in Canterbury.

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The cult of Becket was established and Canterbury became one of the great pilgrim destinations in Europe, and the pilgrims brought their wealth with them.