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Around the world you can hear the similar slang words.
Symbols include:
Flashy lifestyles
The norms of hip hop include
Money : having a lot of money or not having enough money
brotherhood: joining as one for greater good
rebellion: going against the injustices of this world
Parts of Hip Hop
The five main parts of hip hop include:
Disk jockey (DJ)
Beat boxing

Hip hop is a subculture.

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Although women have been part of hip hop music and culture since its conception, they first gained the most notoriety in through the misogynistic lyrics and sexual exploitation in music videos by the dominant male artists. Pioneer women artists like Queen Latifa, Trina, TLC, and Salt-N-Pepa struggled and challenged this negative depiction in the early 1990s by creating socially-conscious lyrics, music, and videos that spoke to the greater female African-American community and the issues constantly facing it.

The Power of Hip Hop Culture ..

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Now hip hop has spread throughout the world.
Preconceptions & Biases
Some preconceptions and biases about hip hop culture are that hip hop music is only about money, sex, violence, and drugs.

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Another preconception is that every major artist involved in hip hop must be a drug dealer, gone to jail, and never graduated from college.
Differences from Pop Culture
Hip Hop music talks about controversial issues or thing that most people would rather keep private.