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If an advertisement that show Pepsi only allow excellent quality
product to be sold to the consumers, it could alter the consumer’s
perspective on Pepsi (i.e.

Pepsi brand name and itsstrategic message ‘it’s the cola’ have already penetrated the worldmarket.

Although Pepsi is the fifth largest food and beverage company, its
product Pepsi-Cola is still quite cheap comparing with Coca-Cola— the
leading soft drink provider.

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The Pepsi Challenge ads showing people doing blind taste tests kicked off the fun in 1975.

Even though it had removed caffeine and the caramel color, Crystal Pepsi did not present an image of healthier soft-drink to most consumers as it was supposed to be.

Pepsi is a carbonated soft drink produced and manufactured by PepsiCo

Currently, Keiley
mentioned that Pepsi-Cola sales are up in America compared with the
Coke-cola, which was particularly disappointing because the careful
balance of pricing and marketing (Kiley, Coke leaves a bad taste on
the street, internet, 9/15/2004).

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Besides TV commercials, PepsiCo also advertised on buses using world’s first photo-realistic, computer generated bus wrap as part of its promotion campaign.

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(Sandesh, 2000) This takes over the
bottling operations not just make Pepsi’s competitors to shift up
their manufacturing cost on purchase the bottling, but also reduce its
own risk on the bottles inflation and has a steady supply of bottle.

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Promotion (A means of communication between the seller and buyer):
Using “Right Now” music from Van Halen with the tag, “You’ve never seen a taste like this”, Crystal Pepsi TV advertisement appeared in 1992.

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In order to create market attractiveness, PepsiCo need to develop a healthy drink with competitive advantage, such as including daily vitamins as ingredients.

up your home game. pepsi teams with joe flacco for football parties

After that, PepsiCo should initiate multiple media advertising, campaigns, and promotions such as sponsoring national sport events to build up brand loyalty to expand sales.