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(Thunder eventually realized that they were hurting people and turned on his brother, and Lightning eventually figured it out too, just in time for them to help stop the real threat.) Thunder and Lightning are loosely based off of Japanese thunder gods (Raijin, in particular) who are said to cause all sorts of destructive mischief for their own amusement.

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Entomologists report that the crazy ants, like other ants, seem drawn to electronic devices — car stereos, circuit boxes, machinery. But with crazy ants, so many will stream inside a device that they form a single, squirming mass that completes a circuit and shorts it. Crazy ants have ruined laptops this way and, according to one exterminator, have also temporarily shut down chemical plants. They are most likely climbing into these cavities to investigate possible nesting sites. But as David Oi, a research entomologist at the Department of Agriculture, told me, the science-fiction-ish theory that the bugs are actually attracted to the electricity itself can’t be ruled out.

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Lyrics to 'People Are Crazy' by Billy Currington. This old man and me / Were at the bar and we / Were havin' us some beers and / Swappin' I don't cares /

The ants are called crazy ants. That’s their actual name. Many people call them Rasberry crazy ants, and some people call them Tawny crazy ants and refuse to call them Rasberry crazy ants. The enmity between these people, I found, can be extraordinary.

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It’s an idea that a few other companies — from like Cadillac to — are toying with. Our cars spend a lot of time doing nothing at all, and as autonomous technology ramps up, the thinking is that people will embrace either allowing their car to be used in the meantime, or be okay with having access to a car only when they need one. Lynk & Co hasn’t talked much about what kinds of autonomous features its cars might have, but it appears to be betting a lot on this shared future.

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1) There are people now much younger than me who do not have a context for which VD means "venereal disease" and believe instead that it means "Vampire Diaries."