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Overcoming these communication barriers is an important key to leading our children from childhood into a spiritually and emotionally healthy adulthood. CPYU echoes the communication tips for parents offered by the "Let's Connect" researchers. Here are those suggestions:

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Some two-thirds (62%) of the children said the opposite sex was an important issue. Only half (52%) of parents thought their children were interested in boyfriends or girlfriends.

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I need some way for the parent process to communicate with each child separately

Even the of losing a parent to death is less a trauma than losing a parent to divorce, for in divorce a parent essentially says to a child—and to a spouse—“My personal desires are more important to me than is your welfare.

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This application will use questionnaires and direct observation to assess parent-child communication about cancer and determine how the content and process of communication are associated with family outcomes.

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Moreover, no studies have used direct observation of parents and children as they discuss the diagnosis or examined how communication is associated with coping and adjustment over time.

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With no one to correct the miscommunication, the parents will become more and more frustrated, the child will become more and more hurt and angry, and a huge emotional rift will separate the family.