Son of the Irish Writer Alfred Perceval Graves & Amalia von Ranke.

Married Mary Maguire in 1912, they went to the USA 1914 and remained there for the rest of their lives

Satirical Poet, Hack writer, Translator, Ghost writer, Editor, a fabricator of letters (esp those to or by Laurence Sterne).

Hostile to revolution of 1688 and thereafter mainly translated classics.

They lived in Switzerland and France until ill-health (probably TB) forced him to Samoa in 1890 where he died of a brain haemorrhage

Prolific writer and illustrator of children's books.

Headed the Romantic movement in France in early 19thC.

Founded and edited the "London Review" and later, in Paris the "Transatlantic Review".

Committed suicide

The word dictionarius was used as early as 1225 for a list of Latin words, but was not generally in use in its modern sense until the 16thC