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Even though the research methods were identical across conditions, women rated the quality of the research higher when the abstract showed bias than when it didn’t. Men showed the reverse pattern. So both genders were biased, but in opposite directions.

Therefore, what tally as gender difference in family life, education, workplace and politics.

Men rated the research quality of the abstract less favorably than did women in both samples. This gender gap was especially large for STEM faculty, potentially suggesting that evidence of bias might threaten men in STEM seeking to .

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In 2014, for instance, Cornell University professors Wendy Williams and Stephen Ceci wrote about of literature on women in academic science. The full-length review was rigorous and expansive in scope. But the op-ed was a disaster in science communication.

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This mixed literature tempers the paper’s claims about strong gender bias. But obviously, the paper’s central goal was not to systematically review literature on gender bias, but rather to present studies of reactions to evidence of bias.

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“Women and men are not created equal. They each have their God given strengths, focused on their responsibilities for procreation and family viability. Those differences are not easily dismissed… however those differences do not condone gender discrimination in society, and certainly not in the workplace.” (Malkin, 2005)

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Ceci stands by the conclusion of “largely gender-fair outcomes for professors,” but also agrees the exceptions are important. Based on the best current data, remaining challenges include , bias in and , and gender stereotypes about and . My own research also shows robust implicit stereotypes associating science with men, even in like Sweden. The NYT op-ed should have done more to explicitly discuss these notable problems.

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The new PNAS study shows that men, on average, are less likely to believe this evidence of gender bias where it exists. And that’s a concern, considering men are the . But it’s also a concern if the evidence of gender bias is overhyped. could make these fields or even make people less likely to believe evidence of bias when it does exist.

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Progress in science requires actively engaging in and learning from debate with others, even if we may find their views offensive. Civil discussion can be challenging with controversial topics such as gender bias. But, to flourish, the science needs the debate.