There was no fixed process for papal selection before 1059

Pope Leo IX sent a letter to MichaelCærularius, Patriarch of Constantinople, in 1054, that cited a largeportion of the , to include the phraseVicarius Filii Dei, the Roman numerals of which add up to 666. Thereason that Leo provided the Greek Patriarch with the bulk of the textof the donation, was to notify him that EmperorConstantine had conferred a unique dignity, authority and primacy onthe See of Peter, making Constantinople subject to Rome. Leo IX assuredthe Patriarch that the donation was completely genuine, not a fable orold wives tale, so only the apostolic successor to Peter possessed thatprimacy and was the rightful head of all the Church. Little did Leo IXknow that he cited and testified to the authenticity of the moststupendous fraud in European history. The Patriarch rejected the claimsof papal primacy, and subsequently the Catholic Church was split in twoin the Great Schism of 1054. See for details.

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Just as the founder of the universeestablished two great lights in the firmament of heaven, the greaterlight to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night, so tooHe set two great dignities in the firmament of the universal church...,the greater one to rule the day, that is, souls, and the lesser to rulethe night, that is, bodies. These dignities are the papal authority andthe royal power. Now just as the moon derives its light from the sunand is indeed lower than it in quantity and quality, in position and inpower, so too the royal power derives the splendor of its dignity fromthe pontifical authority....

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It may only be in matters of doctrine and Papal Supremacy that the new Church differs from the traditional one.
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Given the long subjugation of many Orthodox Churches under Islam and under the Ottomans, and the ability of the Papacy to draw on the wealth and political power of , older Christianity, including even the Patriarch of Constantinople, was at a disadvantage in dealing with the intrusion of Papal authority and influence.

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These countless Popes, Councils, Fathers, Doctors, and Saints of the Catholic Church, as well as the ensemble of her past Canon Law dealing with the Jews, were all supposed to be 'excommunicated' by John Paul II when he affirmed that “whomsoever” had combated the Jews “at all times” would be at fault.

Medieval popes claimed papal supremacy, ..

This was for his own benefit; but the deaths of him and his (reputed) father (who was perhaps trying to poison someone else) and the accession of the warrior Pope Julius II resulted in its being secured for the Papacy.

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Each thus claimed to be the "Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church," but over time the Papal use of the terminology seems curiously to have been conceded by the East.

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The previous Canon Law was also “condemned” by John Paul II

The prescriptions set out in past Canon Law about the Jews, which John Paul II would have also included in his "anathema," can be summarized as follow: