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The series „Arkanum“ focuses on todays metropolis and describes man`s relationship to its urban environment and architecture. My interest is the posthuman development of today and a critical examination of urban everyday life becoming more and more artificial.

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Smaller incidents between Roman troops and Germanic tribes did notchange a balance of power for several centuries until about A.D. 400. But then the Roman Empire was challenged by severe attacksand raids carried forth to the south of the Alps. So the Romanswithdrew troops from their territories north of the Alps (includingSwitzerland). But they could not prevent the decline of their empire. The western Germanic tribe of the invaded France, and settled near Paris. They adopted much of the Roman culture andeven their language Latin, which was gradually transformed into whatis known today as French. Much the same was true for the settling along the Jura mountain chain in France (Burgundy) and western (French speaking) Switzerland.

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Since the 1815 Vienna conference on international affairs afterNapoleons defeat, Switzerland is obliged to be neutral in any conflicts between other nations. During World War I (1914-1918), it was relatively clear, what this obligation meant. In World War II (1939-1945),Switzerland was surrounded by troops of or loyal to the German Nazi regime disregarding any international rules. From today'spoint of view, it seems that Switzerland could and should have done more in favour of jewish refugees. It is also clear thataccepting gold from the Nazis while knowing they stole it frommurdered jews was a big mistake. Today's Swiss government hasappointed an internationalto conduct an inquiry on Switzerlands role in World War II.