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People suffering from lifestyle diseases, or chronic health conditions, should always feel comfortable turning to conventional medicine for treatment of their health issues. Always consult with a health care professional of your choice to discuss your specific health situation with before engaging in any natural health program. In most cases Natural Health as a form of complementary medicine can be used along side conventional medicine to treat and manage your chronic health problems. High cholesterol levels, for example, can often be treated with such as , along with , and engaging in regular ; with the expectation that you will be able to eventually stop taking your physician prescribed pharmaceuticals.

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Obviously, you have to die of something. Modern science through improved sanitation, and antibiotics, and medical attention has eliminated the threat of death from most infectious diseases. This means that death from lifestyle diseases like heart disease and cancer are now the primary causes of death. The question now becomes a question of death at what age. In eighteenth-century England, chimney sweeps died in great numbers from scrotal cancer that was then called soot wart. Everybody naturally has to die of something, but lifestyle diseases take people before their time. Too many people are dying relatively young from Heart Disease and Cancer and other lifestyle diseases in modern times. The choice is yours: die young, now or at a ripe old age.

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In 1900, these top three causes of death were from communicable diseases. Since the 1940's, most deaths have come from a completely different category of disease called lifestyle diseases.[17] Until the present era, sudden onset caused death due to infections, malignancies, injuries, poisonings, and war. The persons inflicted had no role to play in their occurrence. These Sudden Onset conditions lend themselves to a quick fix curative effort.