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The ability to hear enables us to interact and communicate with others effectively, and good hearing also alerts us to potential dangers and keeps us safe. Having our clients’ wellness in mind, consultants from The Hearing Solution Group set up hearing tests and hearing device fittings for 23 clients at SPD Ability Centre on 11 December.

SPD’s 52nd Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on 27 August 2016 at the SPD Ability Centre.

The SPD Sheltered Workshop is not just a place for work, but a place filled with camaraderie and friendships. It is a community of individuals, working together and forming deep bonds through a shared purpose. Ayapillay S/O Ayapillay Kumarappan, Hamidah Binte Wahab and Ng May Chan have all worked at the workshop for over a decade. May Chan was the first one to join the programme, followed by Hamidah and Ayapillay shortly after. They became quick friends and the friendship has since blossomed into one that is filled with care and concern for each other.

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Our heartiest congratulations to our Board member Prof Ho Lai Yun on receiving the !

Take a look at the graduation ceremony and performances as we celebrated the achievements of the children enrolled in our Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Children (EIPIC), as well as clients in our Day Activity Centre.

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The APB Foundation Scholarship for Persons with Disabilities was launched in 2004 to recognise students with disabilities who have excelled not only in their studies, but who are also all-rounders who demonstrate strong leadership abilities in their community. The scholarship does not carry any bond and the awardees receive an annual allowance of $12,000 to cover course fees for the duration of their studies at any of the six recognised local universities.

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In conjunction with the International AAC Awareness Month in October, the Specialised Assistive Technology Centre featured these stories of several individuals with communication challenges who use Augmentative and Alternative Communication, or AAC in place of their own voice to communicate. AAC refers to communication methods which augment or replace verbal speech and/or writing. It empowers individuals with complex communication needs with the means to break that silence and to find their voice to express their needs, views, dreams and aspirations.

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The recent sentencing of a mother, who had psychiatric issues, to jail for causing the tragic demise of her 9-year old son with special needs last year had raised questions about the care system for children with special needs and more importantly, the support for caregivers. SPD executive director Mr Abhimanyau Pal shares his thoughts on the importance of supporting caregivers in this letter to The Straits Times Forum which was published on 29 September.

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William Tay was only four when he lost his hearing after a bout of high fever. Although the episode changed his life forever, he did not wallow in self-pity nor did he allow his limitations to deter him from exceling in whatever he did. William was presented with the National Youth Achievement Gold Award 2014 at an award ceremony on 30 October by President Tony Tan. In this interview, we catch up with William, who is also a Microsoft YouthSpark 2014 Scholar, to find out what inspires him and his aspirations for the future.