How to Establish Your Company's Organizational Culture

It gives them a sense of purpose and importance within the organization because they adopt the organization’s values.

Schein, Edgar H. Organizational Culture and Leadership. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1985.

Examines the significance of the concept of culture for organizational analysis and demonstrates that the concept of culture can take organization analysis in several different and promising directions.

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The question is whether the culture exists by design or by circumstance. A culture defined and nurtured by design means the organization’s leaders can explicitly define the culture to anyone who asks in very clear and concise terms. They can tell you what their culture is in terms of specific attitudes and behaviors they expect and routinely hold the organization accountable to. A simple two-question set I use in my coaching practice goes something like:

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The conversation begins with the definition of culture itself. We define culture as the shared set of beliefs, values and attitudes that guide the behavior of the organization. Every organization, large or small has a culture that is created in one of three ways:

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How to Understand Your Current Organization Culture

A more concise work than that offers Schein’s highly influential definition of culture, provides a brief history of the study of culture in organizations, and presents case materials to illustrate how to analyze culture and how to think about culture change.