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Accidentally harming another human being is one of the most
distressing experiences most of us can even imagine, and coping poses many challenges. Those of us who have caused accidental death or injury (CADIs) experience a wide range of emotional and cognitive difficulties. The first stage in healing is to learn to cope with these feelings, so that you can feel better, think more clearly, and function more effectively.

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No ‘living’ thing can exist without spiritual energy to drive the Centres of Consciousness which make all of us aware, regardless of ontology. The Energy is needed even by the Evil Empire and its Minions for they have no source of their own. They have been stealing the necessary energy from any Theomorphs they can trap and drain. Theomorphs can be drained mercilessly by those of Darkness to the point of not only just physical but also spiritual annihilation, and many have been thus destroyed!That is why this Evil Empire must be eradicated completely.

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Hence with contaminated food, not only is the consciousness of the consumer polluted and programmed, but energy wave forms can actually form sucking outer links on his subtle bodies so that he unwittingly becomes an energy vampire in the system.

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There is no life without the Source,
its Green Energy and its Strength you see,
And these can only be obtained
from the Eternal Font,
in this you must believe me.

It’s never easy letting go after losing a cat

People can be and should be taught to dispel the fear of death while they are still healthy and strong, and not in danger of dying, so that when the episode which threatens or ends their lives comes, they can cope quickly and easily, without fear, anxiety, depression, etc., and hence, they can sustain the mental, if not the physical, quality of their lives. The disease process may place a time limit on their physical existence, but at least they do not become devastated by a sense of impending doom, as many do at present. Now those people who are to continue must prepare to end one chapter of existence and look forward to the next.

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I have explained previously that what we are now seeing in the heavens with our telescopes are views of long ago. Most of the structures whose light we see have long gone. In reality, we are living in a Universe in which only 5% of its original structures remain. Accepting this assertion makes it easier for us to accept that the End of it all is approaching.

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Everything you have written online (and graciously given for free) has been like finding a light in the dark. I’ve been on the path for 30 years and only just now discovered Gnosis. I also have experience with astral projection, and I do believe I (and my son) have been abducted. I see through all the hoaxes. I recognize the non-humans. I can no longer look at news even online. I have very few people to talk to about such things. So, your words are like a breath of fresh air and a renewal of hope! Thank you again, Merry Christmas, however you celebrate it. For the very first time, I feel confident in Jesus’s message, without all the religious bullroar! 😀