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You could throw any vegetables that came to hand into your pot to make the soup called 'pottage', keeping it on the go from day to day. This kind of perpetual soup was the mainstay of peasants' diets. If a peasant was lucky enough to own a cow or chicken, he would have valued it far too highly to eat it. Farm animals were for transport, milk, wool or eggs. Bacon and egg is a classic peasant combination because the annual killing of the pig provided the year's greatest treat.

If walls could talk They would tell you a story about a sad young woman They would tell you how sh

Nothing bad about having a new company, we all started somewhere, however, not all green walls are created equal. In fact, I have always talked about the advantages of products developed for long term use. Let's face it, there are some materials we don't want, or trust, hanging on walls four stories high, but if you want to dress up your back yard fence with a lightweight option (re-planting them year after year), these minimal use green walls may be your answer.

Jericho-If Only Walls Could Talk

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