Nehemiah must have been directed by God to do that.

Lord, I pray for my brothers and sisters and me, that you would be able to trust us with the needs of others. That you would help us identify them. Give us vision, faith and courage. Help us not to be timid, but bold for you as we discern your will. Raise us up as your servants in every place and in every position of influence where you need your Man or your Woman to be faithful. And let us serve you there with faithfulness and in prayer. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.

Nehemiah concludes his prayer by appealing to God for his servants:

4) Be aware of oppositions that might arise as we collectively rise up to build walls of prayers or as we rise to help repair broken lives in our churches and communities. Sanballat and Tobiah arose to try and stop Nehemiah from building the walls of Jerusalem. I hear the Lord's encouragement not to fear the derision and intimidation of the enemy that would try to stop us. We are armed and ready for victory. Press on!

Nehemiah prays for two things specifically:

When he told the Jewish leaders that God was helping him they jumped in to help (verse 18).Nehemiah proceeded with confidence that the work would get done.

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In chapter 7, verse 5, it shows where Nehemiah was listening for God to tell him what else to do.Nehemiah's attitude rubbed off on all the other people.

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This means that person could be you or me or anyone else! All throughout the book of Nehemiah we see that Nehemiah took the job that God gave him very seriously.

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Nehemiah's terminology seems to have some similarities with Daniel's prayer of confession, which probably isn't surprising since they were part of the same Jewish community in the Persian capital of Susa:

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Perhaps there is a deeper layer of meaning here, as Nehemiah served as God’s vessel to bring consolation and comfort to His people, as He turned away from wrath, brought them out of captivity, and avenged them by defeating their enemies and reestablishing Jerusalem as God’s holy city.

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It seems to me that when we ask that forgiveness for others that it softens God's heart and causes Him to move on their behalf.It seems that Nehemiah had found out from God exactly what God wanted him to be doing.

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Nehemiah begins to pray10to the L (that is, God's revealed name, "Yahweh"), whom he describes as "the God of heaven," a phrase commonly used in the Persian empire. Like the Lord's Prayer, Nehemiah's salutation lifts his eyes to view the expansiveness of the Maker of the heavens.