There are no"Algonquian Indians"; but there are Indians in Canada.

Regardless of the individual groups that benefit from particular types of aid, minority grants share the common function of advancing diversity and multiculturalism within the educational system. By targeting specific groups for college aid, granting organizations create access to higher education for minority students who might not receive it by relying solely on the general financial aid pool.

Besides that the French were very interested in Native Americans culture and customs.

From a small beginning in 1954, the program peaked in 1970 with an enrollment of nearly 5,000 students. The development of more adequate schools on reservations has since then reduced the need for the program and the number of participants has declined. In 1990, about 500 students participated. More than 70,000 Native American youngsters have participated in ISPS, and evaluations have shown that participation significantly increased their educational attainment.

But in 1707 the Savannah Indians ended the alliance.

In some cases, Frenchmen even married Native American women and were integrated into the tribes.

THE LAMANITE MISSION (1830 - 1831). Doctrine and a commandment from the Lord motivated the Latter-day Saints to introduce the Book of Mormon to the Native Americans and teach them of their heritage and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Just a few months after the organization of the Church, four elders were called to preach to Native Americans living on the frontier west of the Missouri River (see ).

the Navajo language is the most spoken Native American language

Traditional minded individuals are famous for looking through every scrap of handwritten letters and working to decipher granny's notes in her Bible, only to not find any mention or any concrete evidence concerning the connection to their ancestry.

Indigenous peoples of the Americ…

Brigham Young taught that kindness and fairness were the best means to coexist with Native Americans and, like many other white Americans at the time, he hoped eventually to assimilate the Indians entirely into the mainstream culture. He admonished settlers to extend friendship, trade fairly, teach white man's ways, and generously share what they had. Individuals and Church groups gave, where possible, from their limited supplies of food, clothing, and livestock. But the rapid expansion of LDS settlers along the Wasatch Range, their preoccupation with building Zion, and the spread of European diseases unfortunately contravened many of these conciliatory efforts.

American Indian and Alaska Native Veterans have served in the U.S

The role of Native Americans in the events of the last days is noted by several Book of Mormon prophets. Nephi 1 prophesied that in the last days the Lamanites would accept the gospel and become a "pure and delightsome people" (). Likewise, it was revealed to the Prophet Joseph Smith that the Lamanites will at some future time "blossom as the rose" ().

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A dominating factor leading to resentment and hostility was the extremely limited availability of life-sustaining resources in the Great Basin, which in the main was marginal desert and mountain terrain dotted with small valley oases of green. Although Native Americans had learned to survive, it was an extremely delicate balance that was destroyed by the arrival of the Latter-day Saints in 1847. The tribal chiefs who initially welcomed the Mormons soon found themselves and their people being dispossessed by what appeared to them to be a never-ending horde, and in time they responded by raiding LDS-owned stock and fields, which resources were all that remained in the oases which once supported plants and wildlife that were the staples of the Native American diet. The Latter-day Saints, like others invading the western frontier, concerned with survival in the wilderness, responded at times with force.

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In the uniting of our familes by honoring our ancestors, we take the first steps in assuring future generations of their true heritage by the definitive proof of their ancient American Indian DNA!