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This collection deals with people past and present, not abstract subjects. What we learn about them and what we do with it should not come at their expense. Ultimately, we should ask why we want to learn about Native Americans anyway. Is it because they are a handy way to begin a class on Washington State History? Is it because they are cool and all Indians are environmental saints? Why are they in such demand as topics for research papers? Because of a long history of suppression, devaluation and alienation and the manner in which Native Americans have historically been demonized and romanticized, the ways in which their experience has been understood and taught is fraught with misunderstanding and ignorance. As we strive to learn more about them, we can hope for a better understanding of ourselves. The collection has been put together in hopes of clarifying misunderstanding and reducing ignorance, but it is only a tool. We offer it to you with the hope that it will be effective.

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Hopefully if you are looking for a language we have not finished work on yet, these sites can provide a starting point for your search.

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: Collection of essays on Native American language communities, sociolinguistics, and tribal language preservation today.

In 1998, the University of Washington Libraries received a grant with the Library of Congress/Ameritech National Digital Grant Competition to create a digital collection of writing and photographs dealing with Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest that would be available to students and researchers using the Internet. In collaboration with the Chaney Cowles Museum/Eastern Washington State Historical Society in Spokane and the Museum of History and Industry in Seattle, the UW Libraries created a collection of some 2,300 photographs and 7,700 pages of text as well as metadata (captioning).

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So how are we to deal with the information in this collection? Because it is organized as an online resource, it is much easier to access and cross-reference material and to have more facts at hand than before. The authors of the essays have included glossaries to explain uncommon terms and bibliographies to direct readers to other sources of information, and they have also included study questions that teachers may wish to use as they develop curricula in their schools. We would also strongly encourage you to visit tribal centers and reservations with respect and patience and to talk to Native Americans and others familiar with them.

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The importance of this legislation underscores the extraordinary degree to which the lives of Native Americans and even their identities are defined by law and governmental decree. What is the legal definition of a Native American? Which law governs their actions? What rights do they have that are different from those of other Americans? The treaties stand as fundamental, often defining documents for native groups in the United States, as much or more than the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution. The Makah even get their name, incorrectly, from . A common misconception about the treaties is that the rights and reservations defined in them were granted to the native people by the government. In fact, they were reserved by the native people for themselves, while they still had the capacity to do so, out of the enormous cessions of land and resources they yielded, often under the threat of violence. While many citizens regard the treaties as hindering anachronisms, most Native Americans do not. The important 1970 court decision rendered by Judge Boldt, for example, reiterating the right of native fishers to a specific percentage of the annual salmon catch, was based on a careful reading of treaty provisions.