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Only a few Native American Indian languages have a written history;therefore, comparative study must be based upon quite recent sources. Followingthe traditional principles of historical linguistics, words from Indianlanguages believed to be related are subjected to minute comparison, ina search for regular correspondences of sound and meaning.

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This next recording uses a pitch standard of A=415.305 Hertz. It is 5.6125% or 100 cents lower (flatter) than A=440. This corresponds to lowering the pitch by one semitone, or playing an E minor Native American flute. Again, you can play this alone and also simultaneously with the first recording above, to hear the extreme dissonance created by the same melody played simultaneously one semitone apart:

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Transposing a song from sheet music to play on a Native American flute can be approached in several ways:

There are several artifacts, in particular the , that might qualify as Native American flutes, but there is not yet consensus nor sufficient research on those artifacts.