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During the 2009-2010, we hosted a year-long project devoted to narrative writing. We chose Ralph Fletcher's as our Mentor Text of the Year because it met our two criteria and seemed to be an ideal mentor text for students preparing to write to narrative prompts on our state writing test. Ralph's memoir's chapters are short, manageable piece of texts that can read as part of the entire book, or as short stories that stand alone. He celebrates every day occurrences with strong writing, showing students that the people you know and the simple things that you do can make interesting pieces of writing. The memoir's content appeals to both boys and girls, and Ralph's companion book--How to Write Your Life Story--makes most of Ralph's writing process transparent.

My life changed with one trip of a teacher to the chalkboard and one phrase, narrative essay.

Want to learn more about using literary devices and narrative techniques to strengthen your storytelling skills? Pick up a copy of , which contains a full glossary of narrative techniques.

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Today’s post includes excerpts from , chapter ten: “Literary Devices and Narrative Techniques.” Enjoy!

With narrative writing, often the idea is a topic; your class reads a memoir, for example, that recounts a unique experience the writer had over an amazing summer, so you prompt your students to write about an amazing summer experience they had.

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First, we ask our workshop participants to study for both expository (pages 49-50) and narrative (pages 51-52) writing. Next, we ask them to work with a small group to make a Venn diagram that explores the two genres. Finally, the small groups must each create a chart-sized non-linguistic representation (another Marzano technique!) of their Venn diagrams' biggest ideas. These charts decorate the training room and are referred to throughout the Narrative Writing Workshop.

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In our Narrative Workshop, we compare the narrative genre to the expository genre. Why? In Nevada, both our fifth and eighth grade students used to be tested using narrative writing prompts, but after 2010 only fifth grade will continue with narrative; eighth grade is switching to an expository prompt. As we prepared to face this change, we discovered interesting similarities and differences between narrative writing and expository writing. We felt it very important to discuss those differences in both our Narrative Inservice and our Expository Inservice. By understanding where the two genres are the same, where they are different, and where there is a gray area, a teacher can serve as a much better guide in helping students make the same understanding.

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Independent Practice
- Use the narrative techniques discussed and write on this topic:

Choose an animal (or object) and write about life as that animal (or thing).

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As a writer who teaches writing (as opposed to a teacher who teaches writing), Corbett shows an example of his own narrative about his favorite teacher: Mr. Borilla.