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3. You can pay with plastic (soon).
In the past, Americans who managed to make it to Cuba without government approval (such as by traveling from Canada or Mexico) faced a tricky situation when it came to financing their trip. citizens were prohibited from spending money there and could be if caught. There were also limits on how much authorized travelers could spend per day, and banks and credit card companies were prohibited from doing business on theisland.

This was my first trip by intrepid and first time to Cuba

Bless your vacations in Cuba by exploring and experiencing a mix of History, Art, Music, Glamour and the last alive socialist culture among amazingly content and party people on the planet

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Cubans are so friendlyand are short of so many things. The best advice we can give youis to bring your old clothes and to hand them out at the end of your stay. For kids, candies are a great gift! If visiting a school, bring erasersand pencils.

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But even so, internet service is spotty, especially in the countryside. "There's roaming coverage, but when I traveled around with my Cuban colleagues, even didn't have service a lot of the time," says Piegza. "Service in Havana and Cienfuegos is a little better than the countryside, but your best bet is to go to one of the best hotels. That said, even the nice hotels in the countryside don't have service."

I recently got back from a 10-day trip to Cuba

My choice super power has always been time travel—and while that will always remain a pipe dream (at least in my lifetime), earlier this summer, 90 miles off the coast of Miami, I got as close as I'd ever get. In Cuba's Old Havana, surrounded by rich colonial architecture and old classic cars, I had been transported to a different time—well, when I wasn't sneaking off to one of the few and far between hotels for 6-CUCs-an-hour WiFi.

the gateway country after your trip to Cuba

Your best bet? Pay in cash. Cuba has two currencies: pesos, which the Cubans use, and cucs, which are Cuban convertible currency, for the tourists. Pro tip: When you exchange your money, change it into euros or pounds before you go — and then change money over in Cuba, recommends Sainsbury. "Cuba charges a 10% tax on the U.S. dollar, so you'll get a better exchange rate that way than if you exchange your dollars," he says. But if you're really strapped, you can also pay in American dollars, according to Piegza. "On my last trip, I paid for some things in American dollars, even though it's all marked in cucs," he said.

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As a nostalgia-chasing millennial, when President Obama reinstated diplomatic relations with frozen-in-time Cuba late last year—and traveling there was possible for the first time since 1959—it catapulted to the top of my near-future bucket list. After my ticket was booked and I shared with others that I'd be going to Cuba, it was evident that my eagerness to explore the once-off-limits country was unanimous. Everyone had a genuine curiosity I hadn't experienced before or even thought possible in an age wrought with Instagram wanderlust.