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Society is my friend
He makes me lie down
In a cool blood bath
He stole my old lady sayin'
'Hey, how ya doin', let's kiss
My hand is not for you to hold
So kiss me with your mouth
Without closin' it all that much.'
Oh, society

the place of education in society; b: an appropriate moment or point ..

I think that you all are raising great points, but I have to disagree a little with some of your comments. Personally, I do not think Bound is pornographic because in most of the sex scenes only their faces and emotions are shown. It does show some nudity but I definitely would not define it as pornographic. With that being said, I do wonder about pornography’s place in society. I think it intimidates many women because they feel as if they cannot live up to porn stars. Is there any benefit to having pornography in our society?

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My place in liberal society Clark Coleman writes: If you conduct searches at the Publishers Clearing House, they enter you into their sweepstakes.