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If it were up to me, anyone with a MBP w/one of these GPUs would get the repair regardless.-Mike)

(added 6/20/2011, from June 20th, 2011 email)
"I am the owner of a 15in MBP 2007 model (2.4 ghz intel) affected by the nvidia chip failure and have found this site tremendously helpful!
My story - my 3 year old MacBook pro just died on me the other day with absolutely zero warning.

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(added 5/21/2010)
"I've experienced the same problem with my MBP 15" 2.4GHz purchased on Oct 2007.
The symptoms were typical:
- before the failure: got overheat, noticed flickering of a very small/thin part of the mid-screen while scrolling webpages (occured a few weeks before the failure),
- went to sleep and did't wake up,
- after the failure: blank screen, dead apple-logo on the cover, no sound, capslock worked well, no display on external video.

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When I got to my local Apple store (Dallas) they plugged in the Nvidia test drive and it failed the test (indicating that it had the Nvidia issue).
The MBP is out of warranty, but they are replacing the logic board at no cost.

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I called apple tech support and was put in touch with a senior person there--once I described the problem she apologized for the genius assessment of the situation, said it sounded like classic symptoms of the nvidia chip failure and arranged for apple to pick up, repair and return my computer to me at no cost.

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to cover costs of failures/repl.) in summer 2008 IIRC - so they must have known months (at least) before that was made public and perhaps it's possible -some- later build motherboard stock had 8600Ms w/o the flaw.-Mike)
and they and a third Genius said I'd have to pay for a logic board replacement through either the depot ($310) or retail ($800).
Some notes about my experience:
When I got the warm-up trick to work, I was then able to boot and reboot for about an hour after the MPB cool down.

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They said they were sure it is the Nvidia issue and had a logic board in stock and it is being repaired at no cost.
So, no problem getting it repaired for me.
-Doug S."

(added 2/7/2011, from 2/1/2011 email)
"My 2.4Ghz MBP failed about 3 weeks ago with the standard symptoms of no video, no chime and dimmed sleep light, after a restart from the installation of 10.6.6.

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They're covering far fewer laptops than they should and as a result they can say only some small percentage of them actually failed due to the GPU.
Anyway - I'm perfectly happy with my Dell.

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It has the infamous Nvidia 8600 graphics card and I'm pretty sure the problem originates there.
I took it to Apple's service partner in Denmark but they ran a check that diagnosed the failure but also somehow wouldn't recognize it as covered by the extended warranty.
My observations leading up to the failure:
In the process of installing Windows on a partition of my HD (Bootcamp) I had an error message and wanted to reboot in Snow Leopard to start over.
The reboot came as far as me logging in, but before the desktop had appeared completely the screen went crazy with horizontal green stripes and froze there.
I then tried to force quit and reboot but now it just plays the startup chime over and over again.