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"If it were not for the excellent Human Resources Management Program at Webster University, I would not be hiring the future workforce for one of the best railroads in the world. I would encourage anyone who would like to see the best return on their investment to enroll in the HRM program at Webster. My goal was to increase HR knowledge and enhance my contribution to my organization and to be better equipped in mentoring the next generation of Human Resource professionals."

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A reporter for the , May 15th, 1869, :

"AUW is a bright example of South-South collaboration among developing countries. The World Bank stands ready to facilitate such South-South collaboration in support of AUW."

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> I wish to introduce my privately published book
> "WOOSUNG ROAD - the Story of China's First Railway" which is nowavailable...
> .
> (there was no connection with this railway's workers and the Chineselabourers who
> went to the US to help build railroads)
> Sincerely,

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J.J. Reilly stereoview No. 225. Cape Horn, C. P. R. R. Cal. [detail above, further enlarged below] c. 1870

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> ... [Regarding] Chinese hanging from baskets to
> build the track bed around Cape Horn. I was an invited guest at the
> rededication of Cape Horn, in the company of the retired State
> Archeologist, a specialist in the history of the area, and anotherwell
> known RR history expert. Both stated that there is no known evidenceto
> support the fact that the Chinese were hanging from baskets duringthe
> construction of the RR. Some think it is a fanciful story createdby a
> reporter to increase readership.

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"" by Earl Heath. Southern Pacific Bulletin,May, 1927.
"Collis Potter Huntington" by Cerinda Evans, 1954. Vol. 1, p. 156.
"At a point on the line called "Cape Horn," the road was cut outof almost perpendicular mountain side about fifteen hundred feet abovethe American River. To enable the Chinese to drill and blast out a foothold,they lowered over the cliff in "Bosun's Chairs supported by ropes to dothe preliminary cutting."

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"Building The Pacific Railway," by Edwin L. Sabin. J.B. Lippincott,1919, p.119:
"Early in the Spring, throwing forward one of those high, curvingtrestles (in this case 1100 feet long) with which the road strode acrossthe deep gorges and ravines, the rails moved out from Colfax for the attackon the gigantic Cape Horn. Here a bed had been literally chiseledfrom the granite slope so sheer that the laborers, yellow and white, weresuspended by ropes while they hacked, drilled and blasted, 2500 feet abovethe rushing American River."