very innovative wy of learning the english language,thank you

Hello, my name is Renata I’m from Brazil. I love seeing your videos and listen. I’m very easy to understand the English language .. but I can not speak or write and Listen .. I wrote this text with help of a dictionary.

I, am very keen to learn the new tools and skills where I can improve my English language.
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Hello! Today you were very funy,realy! I’d like give you a idea In yours videos. What do you think about put all that you tell ,colocar by write too ,I love this idea,what do you tell me about this? pardon for my mistakes in English ,a big hug,bye Moacir from sout Brazil, I love learn others languages bye

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It’s excellent way of learning English… I need to improve the language. Help me …
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i found difficult learning English grammar at the same time its hard for me to speak English language,through help of this English lesson i can learn how to speak in English in a proper way..thank you.

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Dear teachers,although I compleate college of language but still i can’t speake gnglish very well, I think it’s due to the way we learn Gnglish!i’m new student,i live in Kurdistan in the north of Iraq,when I see your way to teach english leason then I realize whats wrong with us or the reason why we are not good in English!so thank you very much for your greate efforts and GOD bless you all, I decide to study English from the beginning in your way , thanks again and good bye .

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Thank You very much teacher . I am very interested in this topic, How to start learn English? The old (traditional) way is to learn word by word but it does not make sense. Acually, babies do not learn their new language like this, but even their early hints include a phrase. When he/she want something just point to and this pointing means a whole phrase like when wanting to drink, he/she just point to water which means “I am thristy” so leaning anew language should beging with learning enough phrases, idoms,then the rest of the rules. thanks alot.

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Thank’s a lot for the lesson of rule number one. Honestly, I’m really happy to learn English through the video and it might help me to improve my English Language Skills in Listening and speaking specially in listening comprehention and the pronounciation.
As well the video introduction that I have watching, I’m really wish that You might come to visit our country East Timor and if it is possible Yu also can help us to learn real English to our Young Generation. My best regards,

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hi all i’m rayan from morroco i want to thank you for this effort that you are doing .and i want to say this is a significant advice we must apply it for a good level at the english language