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SOME FREECOYOTE CALLING SOUND DOWNLOADS.... These following sound files are free withno strings attached. Use them any way you like. I made them for your predatorcalling enjoyment and to promote the Second Amendment. Each new coyote hunterwho learns hunting and buys a gun will more than likely be another supporter ofthe Second Amendment. These sounds are not the very best quality, but as good asI could do on the laptop. Each sound file lasts about 60 seconds. If you burnthe sound on your own CD, or MP3 player, I would suggest 2 minutes of silencebefore any sound starts and 1 or 2 minutes of silence between each callingsound. You can also burn the first sequence at a lower volume so as not to spookany close coyotes at first. Right click on the file name and select "SaveTarget As". Let me know how you like them. The .wav files are large andthanks to Eric for providing the web space for the .wav files.

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"The Good, the Bad and the Very Ugly" is the title of an autobiography by , who lived with Clint Eastwood for 14 years. The book deals with controversial matters such as abortion, homosexuality, infidelity and palimony.

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EL-CHEAPO ELECTRONIC CALLER.... I have tried this combination and itplays the MP3 sound files with good quality and plenty of volume. The littlemini-amp can easily drive the Powerhorn type speaker with good volume. You willwant to mark the volume setting so that there will be no distortion. The twominutes of silence is just about right to walk about 80 to 100 yards away fromthe caller. A 512Mb Secure Digital card will hold plenty of sound files. All MP3players are NOT the same. Some of them will not play the MP3 files as they were.I have now converted them over to FM quality and they should work with all MP3players. The TRIO MP3 Player works fine and runs on one AAA battery. The MiniAudio Amplifier runs on one 9V battery. I have used the same set of batteriesfor about 6 stands of 30 minutes each and the batteries are still working.
The identical setup is listed on the Predator Masters TechSection. It is called . I was not aware of it when I put the info together forthe El-Cheapo.