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First, especially for assault cases of moderate severity,"waiver trials" were used to avoid the mandatory 2-year sentence: some-times judges gave explicit prior indications that they would dismiss thegun charge at trial, often with the prosecutor's acquiescence; other timesthere were no explicit understandings, but judges acknowledged to re-searchers that they considered every possible defense and sought anyavailable technical loophole.

earlier indeterminate and determinate sentencing ..
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This question becomes very apparent in the context of sentencing, where a judge may consider a wide range of factors in determining an appropriate sentence for those defendants standing before her.

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Together they pro-vide a comprehensive picture of the impact of determinate sentencingin California.
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Plea-bargaining bans and mandatory and determinate sentencinglaws have produced modest changes in sentencing outcomes, particularlysome increases in prison use.

Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Provisions Under …

Empathy and moral imagination, properly understood, are part of the solution to the problem of unaccountable judges interpreting indeterminate law, rather than part of the problem.

Reconsidering Mandatory Minimum Sentences: The …

Defense counsel's right to proffer neuroimaging evidence is strongest when the defendant's fundamental rights are implicated: for example, in establishing competency to stand trial or to waive certain rights sufficient to comport with Due Process, or in capital sentencing determinations as a mitigating factor pursuant to the Eighth Amendment.

A Law Reform Commission Consultation Paper on Sentencing

Accordingly, lawmakers should acknowledge that other normative concerns may influence our treatment of PTSD in sentencing and develop more neutral limiting principles to determine when PTSD can mitigate a criminal sentence.

Probation, Parole and Incarceration

Both behavioral genomics and neuroscience will provide some information useful, at least occasionally, for determining responsibility, sentencing, or “treatment” of criminal behaviors.

California's Criminal Justice System: A Primer

El presente libro aborda todas esas cuestiones, junto a las no menos importantes en torno al estudio de la voluntad humana, determinante para la propia existencia del Derecho, así como a la puesta en cuestión de las nociones habituales de imparcialidad o valoración de la prueba, entre otras.