The inside track on Washington politics.

Shelling out $13 to $15 every time you want to see a film can leave a dent in your wallet. Thankfully, there's plenty of free cinema to be seen around D.C.

A Japanese woman finds herself — and a few flaws — in a journey of self-discovery.

Anyone who’s lived within the emotional cyclone known as adolescence will recognize the vertiginous highs and lows of “Lady Bird,” which follows our heroine — who affects pink-streaked hair, thrift-chic clothes and an alternately sour and slightly tart demeanor — through a year that includes auditions for a Stephen Sondheim school musical; a romance with a sweet, gangly co-star (played by Lucas Hedges); a flirtation with a Howard Zinn-reading bad boy (Timothée Chalamet); and an ongoing battle royal with her mother and father (Tracy Letts) regarding the family’s straitened finances and her own angst and ambitions.

The inside track on Washington politics.

A pair of rich and idle teens make this psychological thriller chilling — and darkly comic.

Jimmy Kimmel presides over the first Oscars of the #MeToo era with jabs at Weinstein and Trump. McDormand has the defining moment of the night and “The Shape of Water” leads the pack with four wins.