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Today's oceanographers use sonar instruments to generate a sound signal that is bounced or "echoed" off the sea floor and then recorded on board the ship. The speed of sound in water is 1,500 m per second, four times faster than the speed of sound in air. By carefully measuring the round-trip time of the sound waves and taking into account the variables of temperature and salinity, the depth of the water and the distance to another object can be measured accurately.

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Most of John's heroes are men and women who build things, but include Yeats, Frost, Millay, Carroll and Will himself, as you will suspect if you look inside Observed/ Sequentiae. In Maine coastal waters, he paddles an eighteen foot sea kayak he built and launched in 1997; John lives in central Maine near where he was born.

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's first formal poem was done for a high school English class, and published in Young America Sings about (he thinks) 1951. This volume is dedicated to his teacher that year, still one of his heroes. Since then he has been a farmhand, janitor, jackhammer operator, U.S. Marine, choir member (bass), sailor, private investigator (San Francisco) (sans glamor), electrician, boat builder, cabinetmaker, mason, board member (small beloved school, Maine), and always a reader.

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However, when hiking during daylight, take time for some good photography along the way rather than trying for a record breaking hiking performance to the pass.

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was raised in some of the poorest communities in northern Illinois and eastern Arkansas. He now lives in Portland, Maine and likes it a lot (you probably would, too). He is the proud (mistake prone) father of 4. He has won several slam poetry titles and represented Portland on that city's team five times at the National Poetry Slam. Wil does poetry workshops and readings in schools, dive bars, prisons and churches across the country. He loves people and dogs a lot, and would like to pet your dog, give you a hug, and talk to you for a few minutes, if you don't mind.

Adjacent canyons to the right are Seitz and Hennen canyons.

When people say they have been to the Ruby lakes, they are usually referring to Lamoille, Liberty and Favre lakes, the most popular and well known lakes in the mountain range.

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: American historian (M-Phil Columbia University); history teacher of 25 years; poet; once theater person, kibbutznik (daughter born, Corinna Shulamit), craftsperson, Maine backwoods homesteader (son born, Barak Azriel), construction site ‘foreman'. Child of survivor/partisan/soldier refugees of the Nazi "Final Solution" in Poland; youngest sibling of brother and sister, respectively born on-the-run in postwar Poland and displaced persons' camp in American Zone of West Germany (decorated Soviet soldier father put in charge of part of the camp by General Eisenhower); me the "first American" in extended family, born in Brooklyn and raised in the Bronx, done time in every borough. Co-curator of poetry readings in New York, Portland and Westbrook (where I live). Poetry/history/memory, Sparrow Feathers (Second Generation/First Person), on the publishing horizon, some poems in use by teaching colleagues of history and English in the U.S.A., eastern Europe, and the Middle East.

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To find this trail around the left end of Favre, continue on the main trail to Liberty like you were going to the camping area near the large rock, and, 50 yards or so before the camping area, watch for a trail leading off to the right.