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Motorcycle registrations are assessed an extra $6 fee to help fund Nevada Rider safety programs throughout the state. See the website. Registration fees and governmental services taxes are calculated in the same manner as other vehicles.

Nevada laws and regulations on motorcycles, mopeds, and bicycles. Safety tips.

Low-speed motorcycles are less than 50 cubic centimeters (cc) or have a 1.5 brake horsepower motor or less with a maximum speed no more than 35 miles per hour on a flat surface. Low-speed motorcycles may not be driven on any state toll road, limited-access highway or any public road with a posted speed limit greater than 35 miles per hour. Low-speed motorcycles must be titled, registered and insured. Basic auto license holders can operate a low-speed motorcycle without any endorsement or separate motorcycle license.

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Learn how the Motorcycle Safety Program and the Motorcycle Safety Education Advisory Board promote safe motorcycle riding in Washington.

Each year in Maryland, more than 60 motorcyclists are killed in traffic crashes. That's more than 60 people who will never make it home to their loved ones. Another 1,700 riders and passengers are injured each year, on average. Drivers and Riders have the responsibility to share the road safely. Whoever is at fault in the crash, the motorcyclist always loses. Because the operator of a motorcycle is not protected by the vehicle like the occupant of a car, motorcyclists are injured in more than 80% of crashes. To prevent motorcycle crashes, both drivers and riders have to follow the rules of the road and pay attention to some important safety tips.

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Motorists need to be aware of how their actions can impact the safety of motorcyclists and learn to share the road safely with motorcyclists. When there is a crash involving a car and a motorcycle, the car driver is at fault more than half of the time. Many motorcycle crashes happen because the driver does not "see" the motorcyclist.

Rokon builds 2-wheel-drive off-road motorcycles that can go anywhere.

You do not have to take the DMV written and skills tests if you complete a course certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF). Many MSF courses in Nevada are sponsored by the state's Nevada Rider program. A motorcycle is provided and no instruction permit is necessary.

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43. Voluntary safety helmet use by those accident-involved motorcycle riders was lowest for untrained, uneducated, young motorcycle riders on hot days and short trips.

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Motorcyclists and moped riders have the same rights and the same responsibilities as other drivers. However, there are special situations and conditions we all need to be aware of so we can safely share the road with them.

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A dirt bike is any two-wheeled motorcycle that is designed and manufactured for off-road use only that does not comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards or the United States Environmental Protection Agency on-road emissions standards. A dirt bike shall not exceed 600cc. For registration information click