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, diverting north of the Annapurna Circuit up the splendidly narrow Naar Phu gorge, which cuts a slender passageway through the Himalayan divide. The villages had a mediaeval feel, and a three day trek took me to the village of Phu, where the houses had been hewn from a rock. It felt very remote, and a monastery on a hillside above the village was one of the most peaceful places I have ever been. Himlung base camp was hidden behind mountains another day further north, and it’s a real surprise it has become Nepal’s fifth richest peak for climbing. Its revenue from climbing permits was up a massive 122% on the previous year, and though this may be an anomaly due to a number of commercial teams running expeditions there last year, its standard route is not especially steep and it passes the magic 7000m in height, so it may become more popular in future years. Perhaps I had better return there soon.

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I’m probably not the best person to offer a critique about this statement, as I climb mostly for the scenery and love of the mountains. I’ve come to mountaineering as a hiker rather than a climber and the technical difficulties have little attraction for me, which probably puts me in a slightly different bracket. It’s easy to criticise a quotation that has been lifted from somewhere without its accompanying passages and taken out of context, but on its own I believe the statement above is, to put it mildly, unadulterated head-in-the-clouds hogwash. While it’s certainly true some alpinists and extreme rock climbers get a thrill out of risk and danger, they constitute a small fraction of mountaineers and even they have other motivations beside a longing to prepare themselves for the other world. After all, if what you’re looking for is a dance with death you can put on a gimp mask and a pair of hand cuffs and jump into your local swimming pool.

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behind, and climbing a rock.
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