Barack Obama or Machiavellian Prince

The recent NATO Summit held in Wales was a clear and present countermeasure to current Russian aggressions but the meeting attended by several Western world leaders, was important for a more important reason, in that the UK itself, specifically Wales and its Anglo-Masonic connections to London, are beginning to demonstrate their own future power as a global police force, today.

Rather than my usual dense and lengthy prose, I treat you to the insights of a Machiavellian

There have been all kinds of conspiracy theories as to why Diana was killed, everything from her being pregnant with a Muslim child, to the fear of her writing a book against the Royals, even to her and her land mine campaign being scheduled to travel to Israel, in the latter part of 1997, to meet Yassir Arafat and other Palestinian leaders, in order to side with them, against Israel.

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One of these two so-called leaders even said they called the FBI and turned us in as being a Satanic cult.

In contrast to the medieval ideal of the ruler as God's holy deputy and dispenser of justice, Machiavelli stressed that effective rulers often must engage in evil (or at least immoral) activities to ensure the stability of their rule.

Machiavelli's The Prince [Niccolo Machiavelli, William J

While the majority of the Templar leadership were arrested and executed, rumors since hold that many more of the vanquished Knights fled France, taking with them their vast wealth, power, and Occult knowledge.


It is worth noting that the leaders of France, Italy, Germany, and England have called for the need to have a "powerful leader" lead and head the new and rising "European Union" ...

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If only these people on both sides of the American political divide today knew the expanse of the truth, and how deep the Illuminati's plans go in the Machiavellian-dividing of both extremes, before conquering the all.

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While the far-right has been duped into seeing themselves as cause-driven nationalistic "patriots" marching to war with the far-left, the far-left have been duped to becoming "ANTIFA," neo-radical freedom fighters against everything that the Masonic West has built their current empire upon.

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They make this mistake because the Bible does compare the future Antichrist to be an archetypal Pharaoh, and a 'King of Babylon,' and a 'King of Assyria' all leaders who at one time conquered Israel, like Antichrist is yet to do.

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In other words, Rome's connection with today's EU, and Britain specifically, will serve its purposes for the present 'Old Order' but after its collapse, shall Europe go on to set the stage for its New Order that will see a future United Kingdom lead a 10-nation "Revived Roman Empire" that is to arise in its wake.

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What I am exposing here is that our US government, while comprised of our elected leaders who seek to do good overall, have little clue themselves of the core power of government that is not elected, but generational.