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Rating: 7/10
ShopKeep is designed specifically for small businesses and is focused solely on that part of the market. This makes it a great choice for a small business that probably won’t grow to multiple locations. However, if your business does grow, ShopKeep’s service requires no contract, instead, starting at $49/mo you get a pay as you go POS service. ShopKeep also allows you to use any credit card processor with their point of sale system providing small businesses with much-needed flexibility.

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Pose uses the Amazon cloud to sync and store all your data and securely process your transactions and information. The cloud based system runs on HTML 5 in your Chrome browser giving you a lot of flexibility as to what hardware you purchase. Even though Pose hits most of the requirements we set for a high score, we did have to dock a point because it only integrates with National Bancard for credit card processing.

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Clover Mobile POS System

Rating: 9/10
Lightspeed does both restaurant and retail, and does both well. Indeed Lightspeed is one of the top POS systems available to small, medium, or large businesses. The system is iPad based, the interface is elegant, the features offer robust management tools. Lightspeed may be a bit more expensive than your average POS that targets small businesses, but this is more than made up for in the comprehensive service they provide.

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The modern market for POS systems is flooded with innovative startups that use cutting-edge technology. One might think it would be difficult for an older company to keep up. NCR Silver proves the exception here though as they offer a great price on a powerful POS system, and they also happen to be the oldest POS company in the United States. NCR stands for National Cash Register and was founded in the mid 19th century. The company has adapted and innovated point of sale systems for a century and a half and they’re still a great choice today.

History of POS: How Cash Registers Became Mobile POS Systems

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Revel may be too expensive for many small businesses, but high traffic, high revenue small businesses may want to consider paying the extra price. Revel is designed to do it all, and to scale with the size of your operation. Software licenses are expensive for retail, and even more expensive for restaurants, but the incredible number of powerful features offered by the system makes it great for a small business that’s doing well. A quality POS can save you lots of time and money, so if your business is doing well enough, consider Revel.

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Touchbistro is an incredible restaurant POS, especially if you are only looking for a single location POS (Touchbistro unfortunately does not support information sharing between multiple locations). One of the problems Touchbistro seeks to solve is for small cafe businesses that get huge morning rushes. The system will allow an employee to take a handheld unit and take orders from the line to minimize the time spent waiting in line and for the order to be completed. Touchbistro seeks to apply this sort of streamlined thinking to every part of the restaurant experience which makes it one of the best restaurant POS systems available today.

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Quetzal is an iPad-based POS system that comes with great features like customer loyalty information, integrated card payments, and inventory management. Quetzal is designed primarily for small retail outlets and shoe stores and thus provides robust features that the owners of such shops will find immensely useful. The system can expand with your clothing or shoe store up to ten locations, but anything beyond that you will have to find a new POS.