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Historical evidence does not bear out your ideological suppositions, sweden is quite clearly worse off for its virtue signalling importation, just by the statistical measurement of crime stats alone? Crimes that would have at one point, been thought as impossible to observe in swedish society, are now commonplace, no amount of dreamy idealising some future version of society that doesnt exist, can cover over or hide the current readily observeable reality? The tribalism of people is observeable in ‘every group’ on earth, and to forcefully ignore such realitys will of course lead to trouble and less stable societys, only those insulated by the bubble wrap of money would delude themselves otherwise, you should only really import those who are prepared to integrate into your and adopt the values of the native otherwise strain and conflict occur. Even Star trek mosts peoples propagandist inculcated and disseminated fictional vision of the future, was not a democracy it was more of a militaristic wing(uniforms strict hierarchy) of a very ordered totalitarian state with a set of imposed ideological values, extended out from a future vision of ‘american’ culture, this was then exported to the world.

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i grew up mostly in minnesota, i have traveled all over the united states, part of canada and part of mexico. i talk to people all over the world via skype, ventrillo, and team speak, we all have the same exact problems the world over i have found, the only thing that changes are the who’s.
my grandfather is a second generation american he was born when horses were starting to be replaced by automobiles, he told me about how the world has changed while he was growing up, how it got to be where we are today.
racial identity was still a major conflict when he was growing up, all the different nationalities had their own bars, their own churches, their own schools, their own towns even in alot of cases. all you have to do is look at a map and pick out the names of the cities and nations named after where the mass of immigrants came from in america. when the races mixed it was usually at the bars where he said he watched grown men fight over nationalities and their long centuries old prejudices readily cause fights. coupled with drunkeness and ethnic accents as many were direct immigrants or 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation americans who were very fluent in the languages of their parents and grand parents or great grands words would get slurred and misunderstandings would always happen (ever heard a drunken irishman try to speak the country name niger or nigeria?) it was normal for fights to break out where the french were fighting the irish the norweigans and sweeds would be fighting the danish, the dutch would be fighting the germans, the fins would be fighting the russians, the romanians would be fighting the italians and the english would be fighting them all and various other centuries old prejudices of this nation vs that nation. my great grands and great great grands confirmed all of this to me and even told me more detail how it broke down even further between catholics and protestants and lutherans and orthodox and the jews and the baptists.
it was too much for me to keep straight except it was dead certain nationality and religion played massive parts in ethnically diverse societies as source of instability.
how can i confirm this? well as being a 4th generation american my parents the 3rd generation americans seemed to relax considerably when it came to nationality and religions, having gone to public schools which came about from redistricting and eliminated or blurred the nationality lines of public education under all previous generations my generation talked about it without malice or prejudice towards most, with exception towards the very obscure minority religious as i recall mormons and jehovas being ostracized.
my generation and our parents didn’t hardly ever mention nationalities and had mild concerns for the most part of religions and the commingling of these but the ones who had the most prejudice and i could say it was rather extreme to the point of violence were the very obscure minorities of nationalities right up to the levels of the main jewish population where it became less of a problem. (the secular jewish it was still a very big no no to date and marry outside of , my cousin is even experiencing backlash from her boyfriends jewish parents because she is catholic)
my experiences that the further west you go in america the less race becomes a problem religion is still more of a problem however but the diversity of the religions thins out considerably until you get to the west coast where the higher asian population radically changes that and while it’s a noticeable difference all seem to be co existing peacefully for the most part with the exception of the muslims who do not integrate before the 4th generation so far as i have witnessed.
out in eastern america religion and race are still fairly notorious markers mainly in the new england area and the southern states. despite the generational mixes those that are not prejudiced by old world hatreds and discrimination’s coexist fairly well at the 3rd generation and beyond levels.
in the people of asia, the people of europe, the people of africa discrimination/racism is still very extreme and prominent just based on national, cultural and ethnic and religious identity, it’s very clear cut and wide open.
none of them are diverse enough to dispel such hatreds.

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~Peter Kroptkin

I feel that I am a citizen of the American dream and that the revolutionary struggle of which I am a part is a struggle against the American nightmare.