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Diane Arbus often made connections with her subject and often had subsequent photo sessions* with them over many years. Apart from being a photographer, Diane Arbus also taught photography at the Parsons School of Design, Cooper Union in New York and also in the Rhode Island School of Design. She was also given the prestigious Guggenheim Fellowship for a project on “American rites, manners and customs”.

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Patrick Jude Ilagan is a graphic designer/photographer hailing from the vast jungles of urban Manila. Always on the look out for visually appealing stuff he scours the internet and the bustling city in search of inspiration. His tools for mass creation is a Canon 500D along with a wide array of lights and lenses plus a 4 year old (but still fighting) laptop. Check out his work on

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Before Diane Arbus was known for her photographs of the deviant and marginalized, she first did fashion photography. Along with her husband Allan Arbus, she contributed to magazines such as Seventeen, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. She also did a couple of photography assignments for Esquire and The Sunday Times Magazine. Despite having a good career doing commercial photography, Diane was never truly satisfied. In fact, she even hated the fashion world and decided to quit after being convinced by Lisette Model. Lisette is a documentary photographer who Diane studied with under Berenice Abbott. Lisette encouraged Diane to concentrate more on her fine art work.