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Here's what's really interesting: God's Miracle Dust or just GMD for short has been used as a survival tool since ancient times. GMD was used 4,000 years ago in China and Egypt, but it wasn't until the 1950s that its amazing properties were "discovered" in the United States.

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By the way, there's another thing to watch out for in diatomaceous earth deposits: crystalline silica. It's common in diatomaceous earth deposits worldwide, but if there's more than one tenth of 1% in it, it's a potential carcinogen according to OSHA. Inhale too much of it, and it gives you the same health problems that inhaling too much asbestos does. By the way, the crystalline silica in God's Miracle Dust? Undetectable.

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More and more people are discovering the incredible versatility of environmentally friendly diatomaceous earth. But don't be fooled by other suppliers. Every deposit is different, and not all of them are good quality. After investigating 600 diatomaceous earth deposits in the U.S., we've chosen what our team thinks is the single best deposit in the world! It's the only one we could find comprised of fresh-water "mountain diatoms" of the Melosira genus, giving it far greater porosity and purity than other diatom species we investigated. This is NOT ordinary diatomaceous earth. It's truly extraordinary! And most importantly... It's the only one we could nickname "God's Miracle Dust" in good faith.

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Because God's Miracle Dust has such superior absorptive capacity, it seems to kill bugs much faster than other forms of diatomaceous earth. Here's the key: GMD diatoms come from the algae genus Melosira, a freshwater species of diatom. Melosira diatoms have over twice the surface area of more common diatom species. More surface area means more pores per diatom... which means better, faster absorption.

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And here's one of the best things about God's Miracle Dust. It keeps on working for months! If it rains, you don't even need to reapply it unless the rain is heavy enough to wash it away. Otherwise, once it dries, it's actively protecting your garden again. So let's talk about your garden.

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Aphids or beetles after your beans? Cabbage worms after your cabbage and cauliflower? Caterpillars after your kale? Leafhoppers on your azaleas? God's Miracle Dust decimates them all. You can use all different types of methods to apply GMD, but here are a few we like:

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God's Miracle Dust is actually a very special type of fossilized fresh water algae—yes, algae—that replaces toxic garden pesticides, pharmaceutical drugs for livestock, dangerous chemical preservatives, and even household cleaners.

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Suffice it to say, visiting the afterlife dimension shook my belief system to the core and forced me to view the miracle of life in a whole new way. The afterlife – which is neither heaven nor hell – is filled with just about all the answers to life’s most perplexing questions, as well as questions no one could ever think to ask.