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He looked like a homeless man. He had a little bit dark skin, and curled hair. He walked in a way Michael did. I don't know. I just got a weird feeling by that. He stood in a straight line now and I looked at his face. Eyes as Michael's. Eyebrows as Michael. I got tears in my eyes and wanted to say Michael, but that would be weird if it should not've been him! I was in Croatia, and not many people understand English. even more German, but Michael doesn't except saying ich liebe dich mihr (I love you more) in german at a concert. I really gotta cry! I just stood still and my parents were far away already.
I looked back and saw him walking harder and harder. I actually lost my parents out of sight and looked back to the man that seemed to be Michael. I wanted to run after him but getting lost by myself as 14 yo that time in a unknown country would be scary. I ran to my dad and asked him to stop or he walked in a little shop, I don't remember, I'm sorry. I didn't want to tell this cus it sounds fake, but the feeling I got was real. Like someone hold me and said: Your search is finally completed! But instead of that to be sure, cus... ya it's almost impossible cus 7 billion people living on earth, a huge fan meets Michael Jackson... watcha thinking I thought. When I look back I get chills down my spine again and regret going back to my dad! When he looked in the shop or stopped for another reason (I'm sorry, it's almost 2 years ago from right now - writers date, I ran back when I could, sooo hard!
I couldn't see him and I actually wanted to scream!!! I didn't know if Michael wanted to get recognized either of course... maybe this must have been the best for him and did ai make the right decision.
Don't be selfish and wish the best to Michael himself! :) he totally deserves it! It's like I dreamt it! But I didn't cus it's a place I've been once, and the moment it happened, I made a little note about it on my nintendo 3ds. It's real!

Just to repeat, this is what I've seen and believed. When you want to see something, you'll earlier see it... I hope it was Michael! If so... omg thanks to god! so much! I can't believe it that I may ve been the one who noticed michael! I love him so much and don't want to spread lies!

Aperformer since the age of five, Michael Jackson is one of the most popular singers in history

In 2013, the Jackson family launched a wrongful death lawsuit against AEG Live, the entertainment company that promoted Michael Jackson's planned comeback series in 2009. They believed that the company had failed to effectively protect the singer while he was under Conrad Murray's care. One of their lawyers, Brian Panish, discussed AEG's alleged wrongdoing in the trial's opening statements on April 29, 2013: "They wanted to be No. 1 at all costs," he said. "We're not looking for any sympathy ... we're looking for truth and justice."

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13/11/2016 · Michael Jackson is the one and only king of pop !

Although he was no longer Michael’s manager, Joe Jackson remained an intimidating and powerful presence in his life. In the summer of ’83, Jackson relied on his close adviser John Branca to communicate with his father about business matters, avoiding direct confrontation with Joe whenever possible. “Michael was scared to death of Joseph,” says Larry Stessel, who vividly recalls an evening when Joe walked into the room at the Encino house and Michael literally moved behind Stessel to hide, cowering. (Not until a 1993 interview with Oprah Winfrey would Michael publicly acknowledge how his father had brutalized him as a child.)

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On a 1983 television special honoring Motown, Jackson performed his No. 1 hit "Billie Jean" and debuted his soon-to-be-famous dance move, the Moonwalk. Jackson, a veteran performer by this time, created this step himself and choreographed the dance sequences for the video of the album's other No. 1 hit, "Beat It."

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On July 7, 2009, a televised memorial was held for fans of the "King of Pop" at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles. While 17,500 free tickets were issued to fans via lottery, an estimated 1 billion viewers watched the memorial on TV or online. Michael Jackson's death resulted in an outpouring of public grief and sympathy. Memorials were erected around the world, including one at the arena where he was set to perform and another at his childhood home in Gary, Indiana.

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In some ways “Thriller,” written by Rod Temperton, is the album’s sore thumb, a semi-novelty song with sound effects of creaking doors and eerie footsteps and bwah-ha-ha narration by Vincent Price. Horror was a genre with which Jackson had an ambivalent relationship. As a child, he had known episodes of real-life terror. Michael’s biographer J. Randy Taraborrelli recounted that Joe Jackson had once put on a fright mask and crawled into Michael’s bedroom through a window at night, screaming; Joe Jackson said his purpose was to teach his son to keep the window closed when he slept. For years afterward Michael suffered nightmares about being kidnapped from his room, and said that whenever he saw his father he felt nauseated.

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The game has a classic format of 5 reels and 25 paylines and contains lots of symbols associated with Michael Jackson. These include the Moonwalk shoes, sunglasses, trilby hat and glittering glove. Joining these symbols are the classic A-K-Q-J-10-9, along with Wilds, Bonus symbols and Jackpot symbols. For super-fans of MJ you will find clips from his songs accompanying the bonus features such as the Beat It and Smooth Criminal free spins. During the base game you are played one of his most famous tracks ‘Dirty Diana’ over and over again (to the point that you may end up hating this song).