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I wouldn't give this company a 1 star rating if zero was an option. I work in the dental industry (orthodontics) and this is the worst insurance company I deal with. I have been calling every couple of weeks trying to get a claim from January of this year paid. Every time I call I get told a different story and that they will process the claim in 10-15 biz days. Today when I asked for a supervisor (also escalated it last time I called) I got the same person I talked to the last time I called. She said she didn't talk to me. I told her that it was in my notes that I had put on our patient's chart. She pretty much called me a liar. I'm sure our patients have to pay their premiums. I don't see why insurance companies continually get away with ripping people off. My grandson has a T-shirt that says CSI across the chest in big letters. Then underneath that it says, "Can't Stand Idiots" Going to go out and buy a case of these T-shirts and mail them to MetLife. Their slogan should be, "we are idiots"

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I have been dealing with this nightmare for the last 2 months. I have a short term disability claim with Metlife. I have been off of work since March/2012 for herniated disk ans nerve damage. When I orginally started claim I was denied because of "depression"?? I was shocked because my illiness was back/leg pain. The "case mgr" had read someone elses medical files and did my claim based off another patient info... STRIKE 1!!. After having to call my dr and see why they would do such a thing I learn that they had faxed 2 other patients info to Metlife and that Metlife was reading another patients files, not bothering to see if social's or names matched. After several calls it was corrected. Then I returned back to work 1 day in May and was back out again because of same problems. I was advised that it wouldnt be an issue and that they would just continue my current claim. Well my dr's sent medical info in May and once again info not read I wa denied. After callng my dr's office and learned what was actually sent. I called and informed Metlife and they acknowledged their mistake and stated that "its not their job to search my medical files for answers"..Wow. So instead of just correcting it they have asked for my dr to resend notes and now 2 months waiting the now want to know how Im reacting at dr visits and my degree of pain..I have been without pay for 2 months now. I then forward complaint to corporate thinking that there would be a resolution for them t only forward my complaint to the same person that HAS NOT been doing their job!!! She the "Unit Mgr" has stated that she is not calling my dr that they need to call her she left "a msg" a week I am so shocked and applaud at Metlife. I honestly thought they had had better service and customer service. So we are at month 2 and day 2 since filing with corporate. Lets see how long this new chapter to this nightmare will continue.....

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When my mother died, it took me 3 months, 8 phone calls asking what was holding things up (with transfers to several offices in different cities) and 2 faxes to MetLife of information they should have had in their files to finally issue checks to the beneficiaries of my mother's life policy. During this time, they told us we weren't beneficiarys, they mailed duplicate forms, they finally paid it but out wrong (leaving out a beneficiary) then demanded that we all return the checks. Every time I talked to them I had to start over from the very beginning. At the end of every conversation I asked for specifics on what the person was going to do and for them to call me back when they did it -- and I never got a return call. They required original policies, certified death certificate, etc etc etc. By comparison another insurance company simply asked what funeral home was handling the arrangements and that was all they needed. I hate MetLife and would not insure thru them if they were the last company on earth.